Ashton Kutcher thanks his Two and a Half Men co-star Jon Cryer as final episode airs

It's hard to believe that Two and a Half Men is coming to an end after 12 seasons. To show his appreciation for being a part of the hit comedy show, Ashton Kutcher took to Facebook on Thursday to post a sweet messange and celebrate his costar since 2011, Jon Cryer.

"Thank you Mr. Cryer for making this job never feel like work," wrote Ashton. "I will miss working with you every day. You are a true partner in every sense of the word.

"In four years I never heard you complain and never heard you speak ill of another person even if they took advantage of your kindness and generosity," he added. "You are a gentleman. You are a talent. You are someone I look up to. See you tomorrow night. ‪#‎twoandahalfmen‬."

Ashton, 37, wrote a separate tribute to Jon on Twitter, which the 49-year-old star retweeted.

"A toast to my talented co-star," posted Ashton. "Thank you for making this job exceed every expectation I had for it."

After a 12 year run, Two and a Half Men will air its final episode on Thursday 19 February.

Ashton joined the cast of the hit CBS show when it was in its eighth year, following Charlie Sheen's dramatic exit in 2011.

Many Two and a Half Men are hoping that despite Charlie's character Charlie Harper dying inbetween series eight and nine, the actor will make a surprise return in the final episode – which is called Of Course He's Dead – Part One and Part Two.

Ashton took over from Charlie in series nine, making his first appearance as Walden Schmidt in the episode Nice to Meet You, Walden Schmidt.

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