Jennifer Lopez tells Dr. Oz that at 45, she finally loves herself

It may be surprising to hear but even Jennifer Lopez has insecurities. The 45-year-old star certainly has always acted like she exudes confidence but now she can honestly say she actually has it.

Jennifer credits her kids for changing the way she looked at herself

“My kids came into my life. They changed everything, as they do, because they show you what real, unconditional love feels like,” the Boy Next Door actress said on the The Dr. Oz Show. “You learn that and then you start thinking about relationships in a different way.

“All of that happening at the same time got me to the short message of I haven’t been taking care of myself or loving myself. In a way, and I know that sounds crazy, like ‘Oh my god, Jennifer doesn’t love herself,’ but the truth is when you do love yourself, you don’t allow certain things to happen.”

The mom to 6-year-old twins Emme and Max added: “So all of that stuff got me to thinking I want to take care of myself better because I want to be great for my kids.”

The actress was a guest on Dr. Oz's Friday show Photo: Sony Pictures Television

There was a time when the "Booty" singer did have body issues and that was after giving birth. “You gain all this weight for the first time in your life, she said. “I mean, my nose was fat. It just was, like, everything was fat. And um, it was funny 'cause right afterwards, I loved the jiggly belly.”

After a few days of looking down, her attitude quickly changed, leading her to do a triathlon. “It was so stupid. I mean, I don’t know what possessed me,” the True Love author explained. “I'd never done a triathlon before in my life. Why I would want to do it after having kids at, you know, 37 or 38 years old or whatever I was at the time, was, you know, I don't know what possessed me.”

And now, the founder of BodyLab, which is a research-based line of health and fitness formulas designed specifically for a woman’s body feels like she is just as good as those Flygirl days. “I feel like I’m better in the sense that I can do everything I did in my 20s better now.”

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