Bill Clinton gushes that being a grandparent is 'really wonderful'

Bill Clinton isn't shy about his feelings — when it comes to his granddaughter, that is.

The former US president, 68, spoke openly about little Charlotte, who was born to daughter Chelsea Clinton this past September.

"It's really wonderful," the beaming grandpa said on Wednesday's Late Night with Seth Meyers. "I love it. Like every other grandparent, I think my granddaughter's the greatest thing since sliced bread."

Bill is a doting grandfather to Chelsea's daughter Charlotte, who was born this fall

The beloved politician gets to see his granddaughter quite a bit, as he and wife Hillary Clinton spend time regularly with the baby since Chelsea and husband Marc Mezvinsky don't live too far from them.

"So far my daughter has not had to discipline [Charlotte's] overly-exuberant grandparents too much," Bill confessed, as he further explained that today's generation differs from his.

"You know, these young people, they know what the rules are on child rearing," he joked. "It's very impressive."

"Marc and I are full of love, awe and gratitude" Chelsea tweeted after she gave birth

Chelsea, for her part, has also been vocal about how much she enjoys her newborn and being a mother in general.

"I'm so happy," Chelsea told Yahoo! News Global Anchor Katie Couric. "[Motherhood] is even better than everyone had said it would be. I now understand all the things that people say about their children. [It's] just magical."

It looks like little Charlotte is at no loss for love in the Clinton family!

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