Sir Richard Branson comes to the rescue of Olympian Sir Ben Ainslie

It seems like Sir Richard Branson is always lending a hand to those in need (remember the 2011 fire on his Necker Island?). This time, the mogul came to the rescue of Olympic sailor Sir Ben Ainslie and his wife, British TV presenter Georgie Thompson.

Sir Richard Branson gets two thumbs up for his efforts

The newlyweds who were on their honeymoon had difficulty sailing near that very same island. The athlete's boat's furling system, which controls the sails, broke and left the vacationing pair requiring some help.The Virgin tycoon, 64, was more than happy to save the day.

"It was great to see Ben Ainslie sailing past Necker Island as he enjoyed his honeymoon with his delightful new wife Georgie Thompson," Richard wrote on his blog. "Seeing as Ben is one of the greatest sailors of all time, what we didn't except to see was his boat getting into trouble!"

The couple married on December 20

The staff of Necker Island quickly came to Ben's aid, severing the sail and saving the boat from being destroyed by a reef.

"Unsurprisingly, Ben kept an amazingly cool head whilst directing operations — he just needed more hands to sort out the mess," Richard explained.

Richard opened a bottle of champagne while Georgie was held by her husband and staff members

Richard, who is known for his hospitality, then extended a generous invitation to the shipwrecked couple to stay on his famous island for a few days. It was an offer they couldn't refuse, and from the looks of their playful photos, they seemed to be just fine.

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