Taylor Swift has always made one thing very clear — her fans are her everything. And culminating her very successful 2014 that entailed finishing the Red Tour, 1989 being the number one selling album of the year, and moving to New York, she gave back to her fans in a big way.

Taylor finished out the year by performing in Times Square

In a Dec. 31 video posted on YouTube, Taylor is shown wrapping presents, writing notes and even delivering gifts to fans herself. After 1989’s release in October, Taylor scrolled through her fans' social media accounts (also known as Tay-lurking) who expressed their love of her and her music. At random, she would place a Santa emoticon in a comment and the fans’ reactions are priceless.

Just how did the 25-year-old manage to pull this off? She had the best elves in the game — her cats Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey, who can be heard getting reprimanded for laying on one gift-receiver Sophie’s blanket.

Taylor spent her Christmas in New York City with her family

The "Shake It Off" singer even made a visit to a fan named Steph whom she has met before. Taylor explained, “She has a tiny, young son named Leighton who she posts videos of all the time. And I’ve never got to meet him before so I guess we are just going to go and drive to Connecticut and bring Leighton some Christmas presents.”

What a very special Swiftmas to remember!

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