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Luchita Hurtado’s Art and Life

Hurtado left a lifelong legacy. It is our responsibility, as members of the Latinx community, to keep it current. She is the ultimate Latina Powerhouse!

In memoriam: Luchita Hurtado (11.28.20-8.13.20) For some, Luchita is a known and celebrated artist. Perhaps for others, this is the first time you have heard of her. I invite everybody to immerse themselves in Hurtado’s art and life. Why? In such a complex world, Hurtado is everything we need: inspiration, resilience, success, happiness, and love. A very beautiful and exceptional human being full of wisdom, soul, and life; a true artist.

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Hurtado was born in Maiquetía, outside of Caracas, Venezuela on November 28, 1920. She emigrated to New York City with her mother at the age of eight. Her contemporaries and friends included Frida Kahlo, Isamu Noguchi and Agnes Martin. Hurtado was an active member of the art scenes in New York, Mexico City, Taos, N.M., and Los Angeles. An exhibition of her work at Park View Gallery in Los Angeles in 2016 was the catalyst for many to follow.

Works by the then 98-year-old artist were shown for the first time ever in a major London retrospective at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery. The exhibition was entitled, “I Live I Die I Will Be Reborn.”

“What drove me to paint? It was like breathing you know? It’s hard no to.”

As stated in the Washington Post, Ms. Hurtado was the unusual artist, who “lived at the center of the art world — yet also at its margins.”

Luchita passed away this August just shy of her 100th birthday. In her documentary, ‘Luchita Hurtado: Here I Am’, she was most passionate about her current work, still producing new work daily. Her works were housed in institutions including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

“I never stop drawing, looking, and living.”

On Friday, September 18th, Latina Powerhouse Top 100 was launched. We’ve chosen 100 influential, empowering and inspiring Latinas that have made a lasting impact in their fields. The final list of influential women was curated by HOLA! editors, writers, and staff, who are active members of the Latinx community. We have unanimously agreed to dedicate the first digital version of HOLA! USA’s Latina Powerhouse to the work and memory of Luchita Hurtado.

Hurtado left a lifelong legacy and it is our responsibility as members of the Latinx community to keep it current and relevant. She is the ultimate Latina Powerhouse!

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