Princess Diana’s fashion looks recreated

This 19-year-old recreated Princess Diana’s outfits perfectly

Kaden Luna took to TikTok to show off his recreations.

Princess Diana is an icon in many ways. As the ‘90s fashion trends are back in style, many are taking notes from the Diana’s style from back in the day. Whether it be big hoodies with biker shorts and sneakers, or sweaters and mom jeans, the Princess of Wales has a big influence on today’s trends. A TikTok user, Kaden Luna, decided to recreate 18 of the princess’ stylish looks and create a fashion montage on the popular app.

Princess Diana outfits recreated©Kaden Luna/TikTok
One of the many looks of Diana’s that Luna recreated.

It’s unknown if the 19-year-old got his hands on the exact pieces Diana wore or if they are replicas but either way his looks are nearly identical to hers. The video showed a photo of Diana in an outfit side by side with Luna weaning the exact same look with an upbeat song playing in the background.

Princess Diana's style looks©Kaden Luna/TikTok
Kaden posted a side by side of him and Diana in the same looks.

He wore everything from Diana’s Mickey Mouse jumper to her polo-themed knitwear, to her koala pullover, and her Northwestern college jumper. Luna also wore Diana‘s “I’m a Luxury” sweater which is currently on sale for $295. The fun TikTok has received over a million views and over half a million likes.

Princess Diana's style looks©Kaden Luna/TikTok
Luna perfectly recreated Diana’s looks.

The more recent fashion montage he posted is not the first video of this kind. He has other posts recreating other looks of hers. The 19-year-old is clearly a big fan of the Princess of Wales as he describes his TikTok account as a “Princess Diana Stan account.”