Kate Middleton rides tractor on a farm: Watch

Kate Middleton rides tractor during farm visit with Prince William: Watch

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge stepped out for the joint engagement two days before their 10th wedding anniversary

 Prince William  and  Kate Middleton  enjoyed a day at the farm ahead of their tenth wedding anniversary. On Tuesday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Manor Farm, a fifth-generational family-run farm, in Darlington, where the couple learned how to drive a GPS self-steering tractor. Both Kate and William took turns riding on the tractor with farmer Stewart Chapman.


Stewart later said (via HELLO!): “They were both very good. William mentioned how the GPS technology was used in helicopters so understood how it worked.”

“They both wanted a go and didn’t need any persuasion. Once they got used it, it was fine. There was no drama. Both very keen and very knowledgeable,” Stewart added.

The Duchess was dressed down for the country outing wearing jeans, a TROY x Brora sweater, olive green jacket and her Penelope Chilvers boots. The royal parents of three got to see the farm animals up-close during the visit. Owners Clare Wise and Stewart spoke with the Duke and Duchess about their focus on protecting the health and welfare of their livestock.

“Sustainable farm tour 🐑🐂🚜 Located in Darlington, these two amazing owners of a fifth-generational family-run farm, were able to take us through the ins and outs of how they’re working toward the UK’s 2050 net-zero target,” Kensington Royal captioned a video from the engagement. “Using techniques such as grass monitoring, land rotation and feed sampling to help improve productivity and ensure they are able to give back to the environment. Even the tractors got a test run!”

The farm was the first stop of the day for the royal couple. William and Kate also paid a visit to the Cheesy Waffles Project, a charity for children, young people and adults with additional needs from across County Durham. The project receives support from The Key, which was one of 26 charities chosen by the Duke and Duchess in 2011 to benefit from donations to their Royal Wedding Charitable Gift Fund.