Charlotte Casiraghi reveals 3 books she'd take with her to a desert island

Charlotte Casiraghi reveals 3 books she’d take with her to a desert island

Grace Kelly’s granddaughter loves to read

Princess Caroline’s daughter Charlotte Casiraghi is admittedly “addicted to books.” In Chanel’s In the Library with Charlotte Casiraghi film, Grace Kelly’s granddaughter, 34, spoke about her love for reading and revealed which three books she would take with her to a desert island. “So, if I could have three, I would say that I’d take In Praise of Risk by Anne Dufourmantelle, which is a very special book for me,” she shared (translated to English).

Charlotte Casiraghi tells herself 'it’s not so bad to be addicted to books'©WireImage
Charlotte Casiraghi tells herself ‘it’s not so bad to be addicted to books’

“Anne Dufourmantelle was my great friend, a great psychoanalyst, a philosopher with an absolutely unique voice, and she really invites us to dive into life, to risk life, passion, love, separations. There’s really something, which in any case, it’s a book I would immediately take with me,” the Les Rencontres Philosophiques de Monaco founder added.

The second book Prince Albert of Monaco’s niece would take is The Complete Essays of Montaigne. Charlotte explained, “Because his writing is so pleasant to read, it’s like taking a walk. Montaigne reassures me.”

As for her third pick? “I would take the poems of Emily Dickinson. First, because I haven’t read all her poems and second because there’s something so pure,” Charlotte said. “I don’t know, instinctively I would take her with me to the desert island.”

When asked to describe what type of reader she is, the royal mom of two compared going into a bookshop to a sweet shop. “I want to buy everything to take as many books as I can carry. And I can never decide which book I’m going to read, so I take more and more,” Charlotte confessed. “I never feel guilty about it because I tell myself it’s not so bad to be addicted to books. And as a result, I read a lot of books at the same time.”

Charlotte was named as Chanel’s new ambassador and spokesperson in December. At the time, the French fashion house said, “She will embody the campaign for the Spring-Summer 2021 Ready-to-Wear collection and will be unveiling, along with the House of CHANEL and Virginie Viard, ‘Les Rendez-vous littéraires rue Cambon’ [Literary rendezvous at rue Cambon], a project perpetuating Gabrielle Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld’s unconditional love for literature.”