Does Prince Harry actually have a ponytail

Does Prince Harry actually have a ponytail?

One Hollywood star claims to have seen the California-based royal

While Robe Lowe claimed to have seen Prince Harry sporting a new hairstyle, it seems the California-based royal does not have a ponytail. On Wednesday, The Daily Telegraph’s royal correspondent Victoria Wardtweeted, “Public service announcement: In case anyone was wondering ( @roblowe ), Prince Harry has most definitely not grown a pony tail 💇♂️.” The tweet followed Rob’s appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden, during which the Parks and Recreation alum told the British host that he saw Meghan Markle’s husband driving in their Montecito neighborhood with a new hairdo.

Rob Lowe claimed that he spotted Prince Harry sporting a ponytail in California©Getty Images
Rob Lowe claimed that he spotted Prince Harry sporting a ponytail in California

“I just ran into your countryman, the English treasure, Prince Harry, at the stoplight 10 minutes ago,” Rob told James Corden. “He lives about a mile from me. He’s been very reclusive. Seeing him in the neighborhood is like seeing the Loch Ness Monster, and I finally saw him. I finally saw him driving his car.”

According to Rob, the Duke of Sussex’s hair was pulled back into a ponytail. “I may have a scoop. It was very, very quick, don’t totally quote me on it, but it looked like he’s wearing a ponytail,” he said. “It looked to me as a casual observer that his hair had grown very long and was pulled back very tightly by what I can only assume was a ponytail.”

“I’m certain that isn’t true. Do you know what I think’s happened? I think you didn’t see Prince Harry,” James told the TV star, to which Rob responded, “Oh no, it was him because I have to say I followed him to the house to see if the car went in.”

In an interview published on Jan. 15, Rob acknowledged that his “credibility in the news gossip thing is tenuous.” “You have to consider the source. I also was the man that broke the news that Peyton Manning was retiring. He went on to win another Super Bowl,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “So my credibility in the news gossip thing is tenuous at best. But I’m gonna keep trying.”

Nonetheless, the 9-1-1: Lone Star actor is certain that he saw Queen Elizabeth’s grandson. “I did see a very sexy, blacked out, like, look at me, don’t look at me, look at me, but don’t look at me-type of car,” Rob recalled. “I looked in the smoky, sexy, security-laden windows and there was Prince Harry. For sure it was him. I stake my tenuous credibility on that part.” “It appeared that he was wearing a ponytail,” he added. “Now, I could be wrong on that, but it’s an interesting concept, isn’t it though? Because that means he has gone full-bore Californian.”

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