Prince Ernst August of Hanover is Princess Caroline's estranged husband

Princess Caroline’s estranged husband threatens police with baseball bat: Report

Alessandra de Osma’s father-in-law reportedly threatened officers less than a week after an alleged incident with a knife

Less than a week after an alleged incident with the police, Princess Caroline’s estranged husband Prince Ernst August of Hanover reportedly threatened officers with a baseball bat. According to RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland (RND), the royal dad of three had intended to file a complaint with the Scharnstein police station in Austria on Monday evening. However, the officers were not in the office, so Ernst left in his taxi, but on his way back, he drove past two officers who were monitoring traffic. Per a police statement (via RND), the Prince’s taxi stopped next to the police and he let down the window. Alessandra de Osma’s father-in-law then allegedly insulted one of the officers and threatened them with a baseball bat, which he had brought with him.

Princess Caroline's estranged husband reportedly threatened police with a baseball bat©Getty Images
Princess Caroline’s estranged husband reportedly threatened police with a baseball bat

Last week it was reported that Ernst was taken to a psychiatric unit after an encounter with police. It was reported at the time that the Prince had called police in the early hours of July 15 requesting immediate help. When help arrived, Ernst was “extremely aggressive” and “attacked them physically.” Kronen Zeitung reported that the 66-year-old royal threatened them with a knife, which officers knocked out of his hand before fixing the Prince to the ground. When Ernst got back up, he reportedly hit an officer in the face. Because “self-harm” could not be ruled out, per RND, Ernst was taken to the psychiatry unit of a hospital in Vöcklabruck.

The royal dad of three previously claimed that he was attacked by police©Getty Images
The royal dad of three previously claimed that he was attacked by police

The royal painted a different picture with his tale of the events. Ernst, who married Prince Albert of Monaco’s older sister in 1999, claimed that he was the one who was attacked after calling for help. The head of the royal House of Hanover told Kronen Zeitung, “I had a hypo, so I called 911. I said to hurry up because I am very bad.” He added, “A policeman hit me. I think they were drunk, at least they gave the impression. Then they chained me to an ambulance. They didn‘t let me out for five hours. They wanted to take me to a room and spray me. I stood all night. I told them they don’t do that to me, I’m a normal person. I screamed until I was allowed out.”

Ernst admitted that he “probably boxed back.” He said, “I was amazed. Such a cheeky lout.” Following his release from the “psychiatric hospital,” Princess Alexandra’s father said, “Suddenly should I be the culprit? I am innocent, was never palpable.”

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