Prince William can't contain excitement over return of soccer

Prince William can’t contain his excitement in rare personal social media message

The Duke of Cambridge is a huge soccer fan and is celebrating the return of the sport

Prince William is celebrating the return of soccer! After taking a three-month break due to the coronavirus pandemic, the English Premier League is resuming its season on June 17. In honor of the sport’s return, the Duke of Cambridge, who is a massive Aston Villa fan, posted a rare tweet to express his excitement. “So good to have football back, we have all missed it! Thank you to everyone involved for your hard work in making it happen. W,” the royal dad of three tweeted. Kensington Palace also shared the tweet on their Instagram page. Royal fans were amused by William’s message with one commenting, “William and his love for Aston Villa 😂👌🏾,” while another wrote: “I really hope you are sitting ready with your Villa scarf on. Enjoy.”

Prince William is a huge soccer fan©Getty Images
Prince William is a huge soccer fan

The Duke is no doubt looking forward to watching his team Aston Villa face-off against Sheffield United on Wednesday. William’s son Prince George shares his father’s love for the sport. During the documentary Football, Prince William and Our Mental Health, which aired last month, William spoke about his oldest child’s first soccer match last year.

Back in October, William, Kate Middleton, George and Princess Charlotte watched Aston Villa play Norwich City in Norwich. At the time, the six-year-old future King was seen cheering in the stands. William explained in the recent documentary that he didn’t celebrate because of where he and his family were seated. The Duke, who is president of the Football Association, said, “I wasn’t celebrating, that was the problem, I was sitting with the home fans. George did my bit of celebrating for me.”

In Football, Prince William and Our Mental Health, Prince William met with players, fans and managers from grassroots to the elite as part of the Heads Up campaign. The initiative was launched in 2019 by The Football Association and Heads Together and spearheaded by The Duke of Cambridge. The campaign aims to encourage more men to feel comfortable talking about their mental health. William previously said, “Heads Up will show men that we all have mental health just like we have physical health.”