Meghan Markle reveals sponsorship in honor of her son Archie

Meghan Markle’s latest thoughtful gesture for her and Prince Harry’s son Archie Harrison

The Duchess of Sussex has been keeping busy on the West Coast working with her patronage Mayhew and Black Lives Matter

Meghan Markle has made a sweet gesture in honor of Archie Harrison. The Duchess of Sussex is sponsoring a dog kennel in her nearly 13-month-old son’s name. The mom of one made the revelation in the foreword she penned for her patronage Mayhew’s 2019 annual review amid the coronavirus pandemic. “As I write, the Covid-19 crisis is gripping every country in the world and destabilising the lives of countless families across the UK. I am proud of how Mayhew have responded by finding new ways to support animals and people in these uncertain times,” she began.

Meghan Markle renewed her sponsorship of a dog kennel in the name of her son Archie©Prince Harry
Meghan Markle renewed her sponsorship of a dog kennel in the name of her son Archie

“What I am even prouder of is that Mayhew’s mission was made for moments like these. It’s not just about cats and dogs; it’s about all of us, about our ability to come together as a community,” she added. “In the wake of Covid, we are reminded that our need to take care of one another is a vital part of the human spirit. Mayhew has always understood this.”

Meghan went on to express her gratitude to the volunteers, staff and students at Mayhew. She then revealed, “As an expression of my own commitment,I renewed my sponsorship of a dog kennel in the name of our son, Archie, to create an interim home for a pet in need. I hope you will show them your support in whatever ways you can. When you do, you will be contributing not just to animal welfare but to the shared welfare of us all.”

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The Duchess, who is an animal lover and dog owner, was named patron of the organization in January of 2019. Although she and Prince Harry officially stepped away from royal duties in March, they were allowed to retain their patronages. It was revealed last month that the Suits alum had been working with Mayhew. Newsweek reported that Meghan had been making “secret calls” to the animal welfare charity, which is fighting to keep homeless individuals with their dogs. That’s not the only secret work Meghan has been carrying out on the West Coast.

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HOLA! USA’s sister brand HELLO! has confirmed a previous report by BAZAAR that revealed the Duke and Duchess have been having meetings “to make sure that they are educated and connected to the issues of police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement.” The news was shared in light of Meghan delivering a powerful commencement speech for the graduating class of her alma mater, Immaculate Heart High School, during which she spoke about the death of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter. Since George’s tragic passing last week, riots and protests have swept the country.

“Harry and Meghan have been having private conversations with community leaders and people at every level, as well as friends and family, about this issue since the start of recent events,” a source told BAZAAR. “By speaking to as many people and organizations as possible, it has been a way for them to feel connected to everything that‘s going on and learn more about the issues surrounding it.”