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Lost royal

Meghan Markle has a doppelgänger and you won’t believe how much they look alike

This flight attendant signs up to be Meghan Markle’s look-alike after being confused by the royal many times

Don’t be surprised if you see Meghan Markle as a flight in JetBlue airlines. Whether you find her by serendipity or pure luck, the Duchess of Sussex has a lookalike with a strong resemblance that even passengers have confused her for the real royal. Christine Primrose Mathis is the double of Meghan and a stewardess that has shocked many passengers while on duty. Though she is not part of the royal family, the 32-year-old has decided to live up to her image and signed up to a lookalike agency and auditioning for a film to play the role as duchess.

Meghan Markle look alike©@christineprimrose
Christine Primrose is auditioning to play the role of a royal in a film

Christine began getting comments about her resemblance to Meghan when the then-actress was starring in Suits. After many people questioning her appearance she started to cash in on her looks and became a part-time lookalike after Meghan married Prince Harry. The air hostess has a long dark mane and a sun-kissed complexion like Meghan which ultimately draws attention. In a previous interview, Christine revealed she received comments before Meghan joined the royal family, “I was working in first-class as a flight attendant and passengers would say, “Hey, you look like that girl from Suits” every so often.” The flight attendant has her own YouTube channel called Primrose Paris where she shares about her job lifestyle, her wellness routine and tips to improve your resume.

Meghan Markle doppelganger©@christineprimrose
The stewardess has a strong resemblance to Meghan Markle

In a recent video, Christine shared a post where she is wearing a crown and fans are rooting for her to appear in Lifetime TV. “Dream higher than the sky and deeper than the ocean” (I’m so corny) 😂😂”, quipped the doppelgänger. She has even recreated Meghan’s wedding day look and the royal’s most trendy outfits. Christine also has a TikTok account where she posts comedy skits of Meghan’s most acclaimed attires. It is possible that Meghan has a lost twin and it is time that they reunite together.

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