Meghan, Harry and Archie are enjoying family time in Los Angeles during the coronavirus pandemic

Prince Harry opens up about bonding with baby Archie in L.A.

The Duke of Sussex spoke via video chat from his new home in California

Prince Harry is looking at the bright side of having to quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic: enjoying plenty of family time. The Duke of Sussex spoke about quarantining in Los Angeles with his and wife Meghan Markle’s nearly one-year-old son Archie Harrison during a video call with families, who are supported by his patronage WellChild. “Of course, there’s going to be hard days. I can’t even begin to imagine how hard it is for you guys. Having one kid at 11 months old is enough, to see what you guys are going through on a day-to-day basis, honestly, so much respect to every single one of you,” he said (at the 22:22 mark).

“There’s a hell of a lot of positives that are happening at the same time. Being able to have family time, so much family that you almost think do I feel guilty having so much family time,” Harry added. “You’ve got to celebrate those moments where you just are on the floor rolling around in hysterics because of something that’s happened and then inevitably half an hour later, maybe a day later, there’s going to be something that you have to deal with and there’s no way that you can run away from it, you can’t even distract yourself in a different room. But as long as you guys are looking after yourselves and looking after each other that is the best that you can do.”

Harry, who has been patron of WellChild for more than a decade, spoke with families of vulnerable children over the Easter weekend to learn about how they are coping amid the coronavirus outbreak. The Duke appeared to be in the kitchen of his and Meghan’s new home in Los Angeles as he participated in the chat. The couple recently moved from Canada to California as they begin the “next chapter of their lives.” Last month, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex officially stepped back from royal duties, giving them permission to earn their own income and the ability to pursue their own private charitable interests.

The Sussexes are taking advantage of family time amid the pandemic©Getty Images
The Sussexes are taking advantage of family time amid the pandemic

Meghan and Harry, who are no longer working members of the royal family, are doing their part to help out during the current health crisis. The pair is donating over $100,000 (£90,000) that was generated from the BBC broadcast of their 2018 wedding to Feeding Britain—a UK charity that is working to eliminate hunger.

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