Princess Martha Louise celebrates daughter's bittersweet birthday

Princess Martha Louise marks daughter’s ‘bittersweet’ birthday

Leah celebrated her first birthday since her father’s tragic death

Princess Märtha Louise of Norway’s daughter Leah Isadora Behn celebrated a milestone birthday on Wednesday. The young Norwegian royal turned 15 on April 8—marking her first birthday since her father Ari Behn’s tragic death. Märtha Louise commemorated Leah’s “bittersweet” day with a tribute featuring photos of the teen throughout the years. “Happy 15th Birthday, my wonderful Leah. You are an amazing young woman with so many talents; you are funny, kind, beautiful and graceful with a smart head on your shoulders,” the mom of three began.

“You are definitely the most organized person in the family- for which I am eternally grateful - and you have the gift of art from your dad that expresses itself through beautiful makeup IG posts. And although this day is bittersweet in more ways than one, you make the best of it and stay true to your emotions,” Märtha Louise continued. “You keep inspiring me every day, darling. I am so proud of you. Love you with all my heart. #birthday#birthdaywishes #15.”

The Norwegian Princess’ ex-husband, Ari, took his own life on Christmas Day. Märtha Louise and her daughters—Maud Angelica, Leah, and Emma Tallulah—said their goodbyes during an emotional funeral service at the Oslo Cathedral back in January. Last month, the 48-year-old Princess, who is currently dating “spiritual guide and gifted healer,” Shaman Durek, opened up about how her girls are coping with the loss of their father.

Leah’s father Ari Behn took his own life on Christmas Day©Getty Images
Leah’s father Ari Behn took his own life on Christmas Day

“We in our little family have gone through - and are still going through - a hard time after Ari‘s death. The hardest we have been through. Ever since Christmas and even before Covid-19 was a fact of the world, we were in the dark waves of sorrow and I had to find a foothold in the parent role for three fragile, beautiful, vulnerable, fine children who needed me 24/7,” she shared.

Acknowledging the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Märtha Louise continued, “Previous encounters with death have been natural causes. And although death has sometimes come too soon, and although the grief process has been painful, it has nevertheless been peaceful. Clarified. It was not now and has made the process long and sorrowful and of course it will continue well into the future. And now that the world we know has turned its head and everything is uncertain and everyday new and with more physical distance, I see how vulnerable we humans are. But still strong. Because it has struck me through this deep mourning valley, and with the strong presence of the Corona virus on earth as well, that we humans can withstand a great deal.”

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