Queen Elizabeth is taking stylish preventive measures to protect herself from coronavirus

Queen Elizabeth seems to be protecting herself from coronavirus

The monarch wore a pair of gloves to an investiture ceremony on March 3

Queen Elizabeth is keeping calm and carrying on amid growing concerns over the coronavirus–though she appears to be taking stylish preventative measures. The 93-year-old monarch sported long white gloves as she shook hands and handed out honors during an investiture ceremony at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday. The palace declined to confirm to The Telegraph if the Queen was taking precautions due to the rapidly spreading COVID-19 virus, however, according to The Express, the Queen’s accessory on March 3 marked the first time in years that she has worn a pair of white gloves to an investiture ceremony.

A Buckingham Palace spokeswoman told Express.co.uk that they “are following the government’s advice” when it comes to protecting members of the royal family. Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the disease is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person. CNN reported on March 2 that the coronavirus has killed more than 3,000 people and that there are more than 88,000 cases around the world.

Queen Elizabeth wears gloves for investiture©theroyalfamily
In the video shared by @theroyalfamily Instagram account, the Queen is seen wearing mid-length gloves. The monarch is known to hold audiences like this bare-handed

Her Majesty’s appearance at the investiture ceremony came two days after she sat down with her grandson Prince Harry. The Duke of Sussex recently returned to the UK to carry out his final royal engagements before his royal duties come to an end on March 31.

The Queen enjoyed lunch with Prince Harry ahead of his royal exit©Getty Images
The Queen enjoyed lunch with Prince Harry ahead of his royal exit