Swedish royal family releases annual Christmas video

Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar take center stage in Swedish royals’ Christmas video

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel released their annual video

The Swedish royal family wants to remind everybody about the true meaning of Christmas this holiday season. Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, along with their young children—Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar—paid a visit to Katarina Church in their annual Christmas video, which was released on Thursday, December 19. Future Queen Victoria looked festive for the outing wearing a frilly red blouse from H&M teamed with trousers, while seven-year-old Estelle, who let her long golden locks down, donned a floral print dress. Prince Daniel looked sharp in a suit and burgundy tie, as did his mini-me, who wore a white-button shirt beneath a pullover sweater.

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For this year’s traditional holiday video, the royals toured the Stockholm church’s nativity scene as Reverend Are Norrhava told the story of Jesus’ birth. “This is the story about the birth of Jesus. It’s also why we celebrate Christmas,” the priest said. The children and adults participated in the staging of the story by lighting the star of Bethlehem and making an angel sing.

The Crown Princess family toured a nativity scene in their 2019 Christmas video©Raphael Stecksén, The Royal Court of Sweden
The Crown Princess family toured a nativity scene in their 2019 Christmas video

“The Three Wise Men. When they arrived, they were overjoyed. They brought gifts,” Rev. Are told the royal children. “The finest gifts you could imagine and giving gifts, that’s something we do on Christmas Eve as well, isn’t it?” “Is that why we give gifts at Christmas?” Estelle asked. “Partly yes,” the reverend replied, before asking what else is important at Christmas, to which Prince Oscar, three, adorably answered, “Father Christmas.”

Rev. Are noted that “regardless of who you are and what you believe in the nativity reminds us to share what we have and help each other.” The Swedish Royal Court shared the video stating that the story of “Jesus' birth is central to the Christian Christmas tradition and the backdrop to the Christmas celebration that is celebrated by many people around the world these days.” At the end of the video, Victoria and her family gathered to wish viewers a “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”

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