Queen Elizabeth corgi game
It’s tricky!

Royal game: Can you find Queen Elizabeth's corgi in these Christmas scenes?

Find the royal pooch in this festive setting

It’s game time! This holiday season put your eyes to the test as you join Queen Elizabeth in finding her famous furry friend. Thanks to online pet supplies retailer Yappy, you can tease your brain with a series of search and find puzzles. The theme, the Queen’s corgi. Yappy created four different puzzles. In each, the adorable four-legged companion is hiding amongst the Christmas masses.

There are a lot of familiar faces throughout the puzzle helping the corgi stay out of sight. Don’t be distracted by the Christmas shoppers, Santa Claus and the adorable gingerbread man cookies.

Yappy, Queen Elizabeth holiday puzzle©Yappy
Help Queen Elizabeth find her beloved corgi with this festive puzzle by Yappy

For those who are having a little bit of trouble, here’s a hint, look closely at the cookies, the fruit pudding and the reindeers. Oh, what fun it’s going to be! For the pooch in your life, Yappy will create a puzzle book dedicated to them. Just pick their breed, their name and the company will do the rest.

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The book is perfect for the Queen who has been a longtime lover of corgis. Since taking the throne in 1952, the 93-year-old monarch has owned at least one of her own. As a teen, the royal was gifted one for her birthday. The dog lover has been owner to over 30 corgis, all of which were direct descendants of her first dog.

The Queen's corgis©GettyImages
The monarch has owned over 30 corgis in her life

Unfortunately, in 2018, the Queen’s last surviving full-blooded corgi passed away. Now, she is the proud owner of two dorgis (dachshund and corgi mix) named Vulcan and Candy.

In her time, the royal dogs have been by her side to meet numerous world leaders, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. In 2018, after his engagement to Meghan Markle, Prince Harry revealed that the dogs gave his bride-to-be their instant seal of approval.

It’s the perfect time to have some fun or encourage the dog-lover in your life to do the same. Good luck helping the Queen!

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