Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia of Sweden launch initiative to combat hate online

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia are fighting hate online

The Swedish royal couple launched a new initiative to combat cyber

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia have launched a new initiative to combat hate online. The Swedish royal couple announced on Thursday, October 10 the hashtag #nejtillnäthat and its logo that aims to distance people from hatred. “Hate is everywhere, in all walks of life, all professions, gender identities and ages. We know that and that is enough now. The goal is that, under a common symbol and active use of the symbol, we show that we distance ourselves from net hatred and all that it means. That as many people as possible say no. Saying [no] is something we can all do. And we start NOW!" a message on Sofia and Carl Philip’s personal social media account read.

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia of Sweden launched an initiative to combat hate online

Nejtillnäthat’s official web site notes that mental illness is increasing, especially among children and young people. “Politicians are resigning because of threats and many dare not express their political opinion in fear of reprisals. Thus, the hatred constitutes a direct threat to democracy. Just because we have freedom of speech and something is not illegal doesn't mean it's okay,” the site states.

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The webpage encourages individuals to respond to hateful and nasty comments with #nejtillnäthat, rather than arguing, apologizing or hating back, which they say is “rarely a good strategy.” The site points out that everyone needs to take responsibility  to create a more “inclusive Internet.” Rather than idly scrolling through hatred online, they want people to act with #nejtillnäthat.

The goal is to show that many are distancing themselves from hatred with the symbol and hashtag

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Sofia and Carl Philip have previously opened up about their experiences with cyber-bullying. The couple’s foundation works against bullying online. In 2017, at the opening of the First World Anti-Bullying Forum, Prince Alexander’s mom said that she and her husband want to be “good role models” for others fighting bullying. She explained, “Bullying affects very many and we want to be a part of highlighting this problem, because it's not only those who are affected, but also all of us who can make a difference.”

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