La princesa Leonor y la infanta Sofía regresan a la escuela

What Princesses Leonor and Sofia's school bags reveal about their personalities

After a fun-filled summer which included attending summer camp in the USA and a family vacation in Mallorca, it was back to school for Spain’s Princess Leonor and her sister Infanta Sofia. The blonde daughters of King Felipe and Queen Letizia arrived for the start of the school year on Wednesday morning with their royal parents at Madrid secondary school Colegio Santa Maria de los Rosales. And judging by the smiles on their faces they were happy to be returning to the world of learning, lessons and school friends once more. Leonor is entering her third year at the secondary school, while her younger sibling is going into her first year.

La princesa Leonor y la infanta Sofía regresaron a la escuela©Fernando Junco/HOLA!
The sisters looked almost identical in their uniforms - but their customized backpacks set them apart

The excited duo looked super smart in their pristine uniforms – which consist of a navy blue jersey and shirt with a white polo shirt. With their hairstyles identical in a high pony tail, the pair looked so similar as they faced the cameras – but once they turned their backs, showing off their backpacks – royal fans could see how each of the girls had differently customized their school bags.

Leonor decorated her bag – which was the official backpack of the 2016 Spanish Olympic team in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics – with a mini ballet slipper and a key chain which appeared to be a torch. Meanwhile, Sofia had also added a ballet slipper to hers along with a blue monkey, a pink fish and a Playmobil figure of a horse rider.

La princesa Leonor y la infanta Sofía regresaron a la escuela.©Fernando Junco/HOLA!
The girls were dropped off by proud parents King Felipe and Queen Letizia

Both the girls are keen on sports and their backpacks certainly show it. As well as practicing ballet and horse riding, they also play tennis, volleyball and go skiing – an alpine activity which their father also loves. Leonor seems to be a fan of animals too, judging by the fun accessories she clipped to her new backpack.