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HOLA! USA Interview

Massy Arias reveals secret to summer body confidence, ultimate healthy snack and more

The celebrity health coach chatted with us about unlocking your best life

Massy Arias is all about empowering people. The celebrity health coach is on a mission to elevate every aspect of life from the physical to the mental. While the personal trainer has worked with major celebrities like Chris Hemsworth and LaLa Anthony, her approach remains the same no matter who you are: striking a healthy balance between body and mind. And it all starts with snacking.

“The first step to a happier, healthier you can start with simply smart snacking,” the Dominican Republic-born motivator told us during our recent interview. Her superfood snack of choice? Almonds. It comes as no surprise that she’s partnered with California Almonds to encourage nutritious nomming.

A the summer wind starts blowing in and the world begins to reopen, we caught up with Massy to discuss getting out of one’s own pandemic health slump, putting overall wellness ahead of aesthetics, unlocking your best summer body image and more.

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Massy Arias is crazy about almonds
HOLA!: Thank you for keeping the world so informed and inspired in this difficult time. Health and wellness has unfortunately taken a backseat for many staying safe at home. What’s your recommendation for those wanting to dive back in, but feeling unmotivated?
You recently partnered with California Almonds, a snack that’s sure to nurture the body. How did this collaboration come about?
Almonds are clearly an amazing snack choice. There‘s a lot of differing information out there about when exactly to eat: pre or post workout. What do you think is the best strategy on this?
Yes - at the end of the day how you feel matters most. You talk a lot about mental wellness and put health ahead of aesthetics. As summer nears, people may unfortunately begin to disparage their body and put pressure on themselves to get into whatever their idea of swimsuit shape is. Comparison can be deadly on social media. What’s your advice for getting into and maintaining a body positive mindset?

With the world reopening, people are filling the summer with plans to catch up on time missed. What‘s your suggestion for avoiding burnout?
People are also going out to eat more. Do you have any tips for sticking to your meal plan or healthy eating when you‘re out with friends?
You have some wonderful celebrity clients. Can you share a story that‘s inspired you?
Can you leave us with a go-to phrase or action that inspires you in any down moments?