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8 questions you should ask yourself before getting a pet

You may be wondering if it’s time for the long-term commitment of having a pet, that’s why we bring you the most important questions to consider.

Everybody loves being in good company, especially if we’re talking about a new furry companion!

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And now that life has changed for many people due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, you may find yourself with more time at home, wondering if it’s time for the long-term commitment of having a pet.

However it’s very important to ask yourself if you got everything you need for your new friend, that’s why we bring you the 8 most important questions to consider before getting a pet.


1. Can I afford a pet?

Maybe you already thought about buying or adopting, but it’s also important to keep in mind that besides the initial cost, your pet is going to need vaccines, testings and any surprise visits to the veterinarian.

You also need to get ready to spend some dollars on pet grooming, food and pet care supplies, which may include training pads, toys and leashes.

2. Do I have the time?

It’s time to think about your weekly schedule, now that you have covered all the expenses, there’s plenty of time commitment involved in taking care of your new friend.

This means daily exercise, training and maybe interaction with other pets, and in some cases your pet will need you to be at home most of the time, so it’s vital to have the necessary accommodations if you want to travel or need the help of someone to check on your friend.

3. Is my home pet friendly?

This depends on the type of pet you are welcoming to your home, whether you live in a small apartment, a big house, or if you are renting a place, which will make you consider fees or deposits.

4. Am I mentally prepared?

Look into your future plans and what you think you’ll be doing in a few years, planning for the future is important and will help you reduce anxiety and stress for you and your pet.

5. Is this the right animal or breed for me?

Look for compatibility with your lifestyle, remember to consider any allergies, or if you have any preferences in terms of coat type and the amount of clean-up you’ll need to do.

If you are getting a dog, consider the type of breed, trainability and activity level, as some of them have different exercise requirements and need bigger spaces.

6. Do I have a good support system?

Check if everyone in your household is up to the challenge of having a pet, everyone including your pet should feel comfortable at home, this accounts for attention, schedules and responsibilities.

7. Do I have realistic expectations about pet ownership?

Remember that your pet will be with you forever! This means you need to have realistic expectations and a clear perspective.

8. Am I willing to make sacrifices for my pet?

Remember about your priorities, your pet will need you to be consistent, so you need to expect to change or adjust your lifestyle, which could include canceling plans, missing social get-togethers and prioritizing your time.

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