Yvel's $1.5 million COVID-19 face mask

A luxury jeweler created a $1.5 million COVID-19 face mask

It’s still fully functional

Yvel, an Israeli luxury jewelry brand, recently unveiled the world’s “most expensive” COVID-19 face mask with a price tag of $1.5 million.

This mask may make your wallet a whole lot lighter, but because of all the hardware, it will definitely weigh down your face. According to the jeweler, the protective gear is adorned with 250 grams of pure 18-karat gold and 3,608 diamonds weighing a combined 210 carats, making the $1.5 million cost more than justified.

While this is obviously something to look at and appreciate, it’s not just a show piece. The mask is “fully functional” for the pandemic and is designed with a slot to insert a disposable N-99 mask, Yvel said.

So, why did this luxury jewelry brand make such an expensive piece? According to Yvel, the mask was made as a commission piece. The jeweler didn’t identify the buyer, simply describing him as “a Los Angeles-based businessman,” as previously reported by FOX Business when news of the creation first broke.

What makes this whole thing even better is the fact that the buyer didn’t just want the mask for bragging rights or to show off how much money he has. The mystery man has been a longtime Yvel customer, so because of the hardships caused by the pandemic, he wanted to support the company’s 150 employees in the U.S. and Israel.

Isaac Levy, the owner and co-founder of Yvel, said in a written statement that he met with some long-term customers in the spring seeking orders to keep the company’s production center open so that employees could continue working as the pandemic slowed many industries.

We are blessed with very loyal customers that became close friends in time, who appreciate the creativity, commitment and dedication of our master craftspeople,” Levy said.

According to the owner, creating the expensive, one-of-a-kind item that meets health safety requirements involved “an intensive production process” with 25 of Yvel’s top artisans and diamond setters.

“When we were first challenged to create a mask of this magnitude, we were energized by the opportunity and our team came together to create something truly unique and special, and yet – functional,” he said. “Unlike any project we have done before, this order involved not only beautiful jewels but also a protective element.”

Yvel first shared a preview of the in-progress mask back in August. Now, the brand is preparing to deliver the completed product to the anonymous buyer as they show off the impressive photos all over social media.

“We cannot thank the buyer enough for his support over the last decades and especially now during the pandemic,” Levy said.

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