Exercises parents can easily do during the quarantine.
Healthy and active!

5 exercises parents can easily do during the quarantine

Celebrity trainer Omar Cordero offers fitness tips you can do at home with your kids.

Celebrity trainer Omar Cordero says that for many of us, figuring out how to keep ourselves and our kids moving while in quarantine can be a challenge; however, this doesn’t mean impossible. To help our readers become the best version of themselves, he shared with HOLA! USA exercises parents can do at home with their kids, as a bonus to keep them healthy and active! It is imperative for the expert to have routines that don’t require weights or any other equipment. According to him, all you’ll need is your body!

Trainer Omar Cordero and his family.©Omar Cordero
Celebrity trainer Omar Cordero offers fitness tips you can do at home with your kids and without weights or any other equipment.

Cordero is known for being an elite master trainer based in Miami and for training A-list celebs, like singer JenCarlos Canela, executives in Corporate America, and seniors looking to get (and stay) healthy. The expert also specializes in virtual fitness training and is a Licensed Certified Personal Trainer with expertise in Resistance Training, Endurance Training, and Fitness Nutrition.

Find below five exercises parents can do (at
home) with their kids.

1. The Plank: Lie down on the floor with your toes and forearms on the ground while keeping your body straight and hold that position as long as you can. “The Plank” works out various aspects of the “core” for an individual). I cannot stress enough how important the core is in terms of enabling you to incorporate other types of exercises safely into your routine effectively.

It provides stability throughout your system and protects your spine, and allows you to lift various loads from different positions. Begin with 30 seconds and work your way up to maintaining a “plank” position for over a minute – it’s a great exercise that measures your overall core strength.

2. “The Air Squat”: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, and your arms stretched forward. Lower your body until your thighs are parallel with the floor. Your knees should be extended in the same direction as your toes. Return to the start position and do the next “Rep.”

“This works out the thighs, hips, butt, your quads, hamstring, and lower body. The squat is an excellent exercise for overall leg strength and can be incorporated into many routines when adding an additional leg variation to the mix. The squat helps with many aspects of day-to-day life as well, including lifting objects off the ground safely. This is why I highly recommend this exercise.”

3. “The Wall”: Start with your back against the wall until your knees are 90 degrees. Keep your back against the wall and keep your hands and arms away from your legs (we’re going to hold this position for as long as you can – start with a couple of seconds and work your way up to a minute).

“This exercise is designed to strengthen isometrically -- it provides a stability component to your quadriceps. It’s also an excellent exercise for almost any sport, especially if you’re a skier. Kids benefit from this exercise greatly because it is a safe and effective way to target the legs. (Please note: When you’re feeling fatigued, drop the butt all the way down to the ground. Do not fight your way up. This will prevent any possible knee injuries because of your fatigued state.”

4. “The Burpee”: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, then put your hands on the ground while kicking your feet backward. We’re going to get into a pushup position while sweeping our legs back up and then jumping up in the air.

“This is one of my favorite metabolic mover exercises because it helps strengthen not only the cardiovascular system, but it’s also a total-body exercise! I usually do these exercises. This exercise is sure to get your heart pumping.”

5. THE PUSH-UP: Lay in a prone position on the ground with your arm supporting your body. Keep your body straight while raising – and lowering – your body using your arms.

“The push-up is an excellent exercise to help strengthen not only your chest and arms, but it also helps activate the core muscles we tend to neglect, which give us overall stability and spine health. The push-up can be performed from the toes or the knees, depending on an individual’s strength level.”

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