Olympia Ohanian with her favorite doll, Qai Qai

Serena Williams is giving fans a chance to buy Olympia Ohanian’s favorite doll, Qai Qai

Olympia’s little best friend just might make her way to your household.

Since the day she was born, we’ve seen more pictures of Olympia Ohanian with her doll, Qai Qai, than anyone else.

It’s been two years since we first caught wind of Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian’s “grandaughter,” who, back in 2018, was popular enough to merit her own Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter accounts. Since then, she has been featured in the New York Times, Oprah Magazine, and Today.

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Even being such a popular figure, we still have no idea where she came from--but luckily, it was only a matter of time before Qai Qai (pronounced “Quay-Quay”) made her way to mass market.

The baby doll made her big debut on Amazon on Thursday, thanks to her superstar grandma, Serena Williams.

“The bond between Olympia and Qai Qai has sparked mass interest from media and fans alike, and now, Serena Williams wants to bring that same delight to the hearts and homes of children everywhere,” a statement from Qai Qai’s reps reads. “Qai Qai truly is more than just a doll, as she lends her voice to social-minded messages around mental health, race, representation, female empowerment, anti-bullying, the climate crisis and so much more. With a mission to tell positive, uplifting stories, Qai Qai is an animation that embodies the spirit of a young girl, drawing on the power of friendship and the beauty of imagination in play.”

“There’s something really special about the relationship between a child and their favorite toy,” Serena said. “Qai Qai has been around for more than half of Olympia’s life and she still takes her everywhere we go. Today, I am so excited to be able to share Qai Qai with children everywhere. Qai Qai is no ordinary doll, and it is amazing to see her use social media to educate, inspire and bring a smile to audiences from all backgrounds.”

Just like both Olympia and Serena, Qai Qai loves to wear a tutu, rocking a pink and purple one along with a “GOAT” onesie. According to the doll’s rep, that outfit and the attitude that surrounds it is all apart of Qai Qai’s personal brand.

“Brimming with personality, it is no surprise that Qai Qai has amassed such a large and engaged audience online given the nature of the heart-warming, funny and often inspiring content she posts,” the rep explained. “Qai Qai takes every opportunity to encourage her followers to dream big, “boss up” and be a champion both for yourself and those around you, even igniting conversations around important social issues facing society.”

Qai Qai is now available for $29.99 exclusively on Amazon.

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