The only problem with my apartment is that i never want to leave it

After showing her tiny studio on TikTok, New York blogger goes viral

Allie Provost demonstrated how much style you can squeeze into an apartment

It seems like everyone who lives in New York complains about how small and cramped their apartment is. Especially if they live in places like the upper east side. But a woman went viral on TikTok after showing the world just how much style you can squeeze into an apartment, regardless of how small it is. Allie Provost (@allie.provost) is a self-pronounced “shopaholic” on TikTok and describes herself as “a twenty-something photographer and blogger in NYC.” She is relatively new to the app and just created her profile in June of this year. While the adorable blogger shared videos of her dog and candle hacks, it was a tour of her upper east side 500-foot studio apartment that went viral. The 40-second video is properly soundtracked by the Sex And The City theme song and shows a stunning pink-themed studio that has enough stuff in it to fill a house triple the size.


when you’re a shopaholic living in 500sqft, you have to get a little crafty with your storage solutions #storagehacks#smallspaceliving#organization

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It wasn’t just the amount of stuff she fit in there but how organized, polished, and beautiful everything is. Provost has the interior designing skills of a professional. Her furniture, decorations, and color palette are pleasing to the eye and satisfying to watch. The video went viral and currently has over 3.6 million views and 574 thousand likes. The top comment on her video is “This apartment says ‘I don’t need a man’ and I love it.“ Another person commented, ”the STYLE in the APARTMENT IS ASTRONOMICAL.” Followed by ”*cries in poor.*” Many people compared her to the Gossip Girl character Blair Waldorf. Provost shared in the comments that rent prices for a studio apartment on the UES are between $1700 and $2900.

After the video went viral, Provost gave her new fans what they wanted by answering questions and showing all of the art in her apartment, piece by piece. Many of the photographs in her studio were taken by Provost and can be purchased on her website. While some of her decorations are from Target, other pieces won’t be as easy to afford, one of the prints in her bathroom costs $1499. Provost then went so far as to break down every section in her apartment starting with the entryway, office area, living room area, bedroom area, and closet. Just a reminder that Provost lives in a studio and was somehow able to turn it into 3 different areas. The blogger is anything but a gatekeeper and created a website so people can find where to buy everything she has in her room. Or something similar to it.

She is now using her platform to share storage hacks like foldable shoe racks, utilizing the back of your cabinet and jewelry mirrors. Provost shared her “favorite” storage hack of all and hilariously pulled out two pairs of heels from inside her oven. While we might not be able to afford some of the stuff in her studio, Provost is a reminder to love the space you live in by expressing yourself creatively and putting anything in your house that brings you joy.