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Georgina Rodriguez reveals she was ‘ashamed’ to work out with Cristiano Ronaldo

The Argentinian model shares what she has learned working out next to her boyfriend

Georgina Rodriguez might be a model with a toned figure but even models sometimes feel shy with their boyfriend. In a recent interview with Women’s Health, Georgina admitted that she feels ‘ashamed’ and ‘intimidated’ to work out next to her boyfriend, Cristiano Ronaldo. “He is an elite athlete. It’s amazing how he concentrates and dedicates himself to his passion for football. There is no doubt that he trains more and better than I do. There is simply no comparison. He’s a professional athlete,” shared the 26-year-old model. Though she is not an athlete like her boyfriend, Georgina has learned a few tips and workout routines thanks to Cristiano’s training.

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Georgina Rodriguez confesses she is shy when working out next to her boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo

The model admits that Cristiano has become her greatest motivation and inspiration, “When it comes to fitness, Cristiano beats me with a stack of goals.” Slowly, the model has adapted to working out with the elite athlete and that there ‘was no comparison’ to their gym routines. “Cristiano trains in the morning and again in the afternoon,” she added. Georgina has been doing at-home workout during Coronavirus lockdown which has helped her to find motivation. The power couple also likes to enjoy an outdoor workout whenever they have the opportunity. When it comes to workout outfits, Georgina is a fan of Alo Yoga activewear which she wears on her social media posts. This brand offers supportive and flattering activewear for an intensive workout or even to wear on a daily basis.

In her Women’s Health cover, Georgina is flaunting a white sports bra and white thong with a cheeky pose that reveals amazing results from her indoor workouts. “For the first time on a Portuguese magazine cover that has a lot to do with my lifestyle,” shared Georgina with enthusiasm on her social media. In the interview, she also admitted that the area of her body she likes working out the most is her glutes. And if you want to achieve her amazing curves, her workouts include resistance bands, lounges and lots of squats with dumbbells.