ABC's "The Baker and The Beauty" - Season One

The Baker and the Beauty’s Lisa Vidal has been spending her time cooking her go-to Puerto Rican dishes

The actress has also been thinking how to move forward as the world begins to open

The Baker and the Beauty’s Lisa Vidal is missing human interaction. Since going into quarantine over three months ago, the very social actress tells HOLA! USA, “I am truly a people person, and I love to be around people, hug people, and to be engaged with people.” It’s something that transcends on screen in her role as the matriarch of the Garcia household on the ABC show, that has its season finale Monday, June 1. On the show, you can often find her whipping up one of the family’s classic Cuban meals, and at home, it’s her Puerto Rican dishes that she has loved making during this time.

Keep reading to see what Latinx-show she has been binge-watching during this time and what her biggest takeaway has been as she and the world prepare to reopen.

The Baker and the Beauty's Lisa Vidal shows her home©Lisa Vidal
Lisa Vidal has been spending lots of time in her ‘little nook’

Current location: Los Angeles
How many days in self-isolation: Over three months

Favorite part of their house: In my house, it’s in my dining room by my window seat. There’s a little nook that I sit at every morning with my coffee and I have my quiet time. It’s my favorite part of the house because I get to look out at the trees and the pretty flowers and the light is perfect. I can see the birds flying around and it’s very peaceful.

What have you learned about yourself during this time: I’ve also learned that I needed to slow down and enjoy a little more relaxing in my life and be in the moment.

Favorite home-cooked meal: My Puerto Rican food –rice with pigeon peas, fried green plantains, pork chops and grandma‘s potato salad.

At-home beauty treatment: It’s basically washing my face every morning and every night to make sure I have no make up on it. I also use a scrub at least three times a week, along with a really good eye cream in the morning and at night. I also put sunscreen/moisturizer on during the day and a very deep moisturizer in the evening.

Show binge-watching: One Day at a Time

How are you passing the time: I’ve been spending a lot of time cleaning my house! I’ve been getting rid of things we no longer need or use and finding ways to donate. It’s really refreshing to purge! I also spend a lot of time reflecting, being grateful for having another day of life, being in the moment.

Message of hope for the future: My hope for the future is that we all walk away realizing how important it is for us to take care of each other and how important family time is. How important it is to slow down and be in the moment, and also how important it is to celebrate others who give so much of themselves to make our lives better.

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