Dayanara Torres shows DIY skills
Handmade present

Dayanara Torres puts her DIY skills to the test to create special gift for her son Cristian and nails it

The Puerto Rican shows off her painting skills while creating a cultural gift for her son

Dayanara Torres doesn’t need to go to a store and buy a gift. Instead, she has honed her prowess as a carpenter and created a unique gift for her son Cristian Marcus Muñiz. The Puerto Rican model recently surprised her fans and revealed her DIY skills with a personalized flag from Puerto Rico. “Cristian asked me for a flag 🇵🇷 and I was just not going to buy one at the store... no... I made it 💪🏻💥💃🏻” shared Dayanara on her project video while she reveals her woodworking abilities. In between colorful paint, a map guide and a wood cutting tool, the model was able to execute the final project with ease.

Dayanara Torres shows DIY skills©@dayanarapr
Dayanara Torres created a Puerto Rican flag for her son Cristian

The project took several steps to complete. First, she had to paint the wood board and then execute a detailed carving of the island. After, she proceeded to paint the separate shaped-piece with the flag’s original colors - red, white and blue. While the project seems a lengthy process, the results and effort are timeless, and Dayanara can definitely say she has Martha Stewart’s skills. Aside from creating wood flags, the beauty queen is an expert at making coquito and baking oatmeal cookies. In a recent video, Dayanara showed her cooking skills and revealed a homemade recipe for the traditional Christmas drink that originated in Puerto Rico.

But many Puerto Ricans have their own personalized coquito recipe. Dayanara’s drink includes evaporated and condensed milk, cream coconut, cinnamon and rum. Whether you decide to follow a chef’s recipe or not, we highly recommend following the steps from an islander. Dayanara is also improving her agricultural skills and recently revealed her latest backyard project with a vegetable garden bed of cilantro, tomato, sweet basil and even lavender from Gaea’s Blessing. “Because we reap what we sow🍀” mentioned the 45-year-old actress on her post.