Giannina Gibelli Love is Blind
Good vibes

Giannina Gibelli rewrites her love narrative and opens a new chapter with entertainment series

The ‘Love is Blind’ reality star talks about her new series, mental health and more with HOLA! USA

Giannina Milady Gibelli might not have said ‘I do’ at the altar in the Love is Blind finale, but she said ‘yes’ to happiness, good vibes and a new love story with Damian Powers. The reality star kept our hearts on the edge during each episode of Netflix’s dating reality television series, but despite the unexpected ending, Giannina has rewritten the narrative and is building a new platform with Kin community where she shares life hacks and discusses beauty, fashion and mental health on her new network The Vibe with G.

While the business entrepreneur is redefining her lifestyle with a new version of herself, she is also starting with a new slate. After several career changes and her reality stardom, Giannina didn’t let a daunting moment plummet her entrepreneurial spirit. That’s why she launched The Vibe with G - a web series where she spreads positivity and teaches you how to tune out the negative vibes.

Giannina Gibelli Love is Blind©@thevibewithg
Giannina Gibelli launched a new YouTube series called The Vibe with G

But how a reality star tunes out the media noise and negative comments? “I do self-care. I love to treat myself with a cup of tea or something that’ll just make me feel beautiful inside and out like gardening, going for a run, going for a walk,” Giannina tells HOLA! USA. “Just listening to my body is the number one thing.”

The Venezuelan-born star’s new mission is to raise the conversation and build up your vibe through fashion, beauty and personal life lessons. But one of Gigi’s passions is cooking, “I love to cook and the more that I can cook the better.” Besides delighting us with her at-home recipes, Gigi has also been sharing her quarantine skincare routine and raising awareness about mental health.

The 27-year-old entrepreneur was candid and revealed that she sometimes struggles with anxiety and has battled with depression in the past, but she makes it a priority to focus on her feelings and find the trigger points to build good coping mechanisms. “I just found out again through just listening to my body and cutting out energy that doesn't serve me anymore and different ways has helped me,” she says. “In general, mental health is now a priority.”

It seems like society is not only blind to love but also to mental health. Through her new web series, Giannina hopes to demystify gender role expectations, double standards and women’s sexuality. Though the reality star comes from a conservative background with Hispanic heritage, she is confident that embracing your own values is as important as finding love. “I think in general, as far as professionalism, sexuality, those gender roles have been very, I think, misconstrued or just people are blind to them until you experience them,” adds Giannina.

Giannina Gibelli from Love is Blind©@gianninagibelli
The Love is Blind reality star wants to build up your good vibes through fashion and beauty

From the beginning, Giannina has shown us her unapologetic personality and transparency. She is not afraid to get down on one knee and propose and restart a relationship with her ex-fiance. Throughout it all, Giannina has taught us that sometimes you have to pivot the chapter and start again. “People date for one month and get married. We’re following our own time frame, and it’s just so good to have that option available,” shared the entrepreneur.

The two reality star love doves have managed to find balance in their relationship during social isolation, “It’s been nice to have a balance. At first, we struggled a lot and that’s really good to have found that balance because now when we see each other, when we’re done with our stuff or in the mornings, it’s just G and Damian time.” While she continues in quarantine with Damian, Giannina keeps up spreading love and building a new platform with her fans. And she admits that it is fine to have flaws, “I just wanted to be able to show different parts of myself rather than the really dramatic girl that runs away from her wedding.”

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