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10 LOL memes on social distancing that will bring you joy

See how the internet is dealing with social distancing

Social distancing is the new norm amid dealing with a current pandemic, but people are learning to adapt and trying to make the best of the grim situation. While staying home 24/7 hasn’t been easy for all, many are taking to social media to bring a few laughs and share funny pics of what staying six feet apart means these days.

As life as we know it has come to a complete stop, birthday parties, happy hours, school and even work are now taking place through screens. As much as social distancing is disciplined, it helps to know we’re all in this together and doing our parts simply by staying home. The memes below showcase how some are continuing to celebrate milestone moments, or for experimenting with fashion, while others are using hilarious references to depict how we should all be keeping our distance.

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Spring birthdays are still lit even if they’re behind screens.

There’s no better time to experiment with fashion than when you’re staying home.

For those who aren’t taking it seriously, this is what will happen if you don’t listen to the CDC.

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Graduation day unlike any other!

Hey, if that’s what it takes, then so be it!