You should make changes and adopt a new lifestyle without it feeling like a sacrifice
Don’t give up!

How to stay motivated when you want to lose weight

These 10 tips will make your goal easier to achieve

If you’re one of those people who sets their sights on losing weight, but then shortly after starting falls back to their old habits, I’m sure you’re interested in learning how to increase your motivation. In a society that promises instant results everywhere, it can be frustrating to get into healthy body habits that will allow you to reach your ideal weight. The good news is that motivation is something that can be worked on to improve it.

Below, we offer you some tips, and you can use the ones you like the most to make the process easier and even fun. These include some basic tips like “think positive” and “love your body,” as well as other, more practical ones, such as joining an exercise group:

Your pet could be the motivation you need to get your exercise©Istock
According to numerous studies, people who have dogs walk an average of 300 minutes a week are more motivated

Establish a balanced and realistic diet

If you think that you’ll quickly reach your weight loss goal by following restrictive diets like those that have you eat only one kind of food or that get rid of a certain type of food overnight, you’re not being very reasonable. Losing weight requires time, and if you stay consistent, you’ll get there. However, if you want a magic bullet, you might not be able to follow a plan for the long haul.

Your action plan should include schedules, menus and exercise routines, with easily achievable sub-goals.

Let yourself have your favorite foods and little treats

The secret is to not completely deprive yourself, but rather to moderate and reduce your intake of certain foods. Avoiding punishing yourself and extreme prohibitions will fend off negative thoughts and feelings of guilt.

You can also see a nutritionist to lose weight©Istock
The co-founder of the self-determination theory, Edward Deci, stresses that the decision to lose weight must come from within yourself

Get support from a nutritionist

From the very beginning, you should know what a healthy and realistic weight is for you, based on your age and height, and use that to establish an achievable goal. Remember that every person is unique and that their needs are different.

Join groups that have the same goal to lose weight

You can use social media groups, where you can share questions, issues, memes, jokes, tips and tricks with other people, making your journey to your ideal weight more enjoyable.

It’s also good to go to the gym

Go jogging or exercise with a friend or group of friends. This way, you’re less likely to stop or postpone these activities, and they will support you and encourage you to continue.

Follow a diet plan and keep a food diary

This way, you’ll become more conscious about your food habits.

You can do group exercise activities©Istock
Support and healthy competition will take you towards your goal while feeling happy; without it feeling like an effort

Add a touch of humor to your plan

Hang motivational quotes around your house, office or planner, or even make them your phone screen background. Something quotes like “get up and move your butt” can be fun and remind you of your goal. You can also hang up photos of how you looked before or of your progress.

Celebrate and reward yourself for your progress

Whether it be that spa massage you’ve always wanted or another pleasurable activity.

Keep in mind that losing weight is not just about stopping eating junk food or eating only salads, it’s about completely changing your lifestyle, incorporating a balanced diet, drinking lots of water and getting regular exercise. That’s why, as you lose weight, your body will get used to your new habits and you should readjust them continuously, because your needs will change as you get closer to your ideal weight. Are you ready for this challenge?

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