Meghan Markle is a huge Megaformer fan!
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The mega fitness secret Meghan Markle, Sofia Vergara and Jennifer Aniston have in common

Megaformer pilates is guaranteed to transform your body in only a few workout sessions

When it comes to maintaining a fit figure, A-listers like Meghan Markle, Jennifer Aniston, and Sofia Vergara have a secret in common: the Megaformer. The pilates machine, a souped-up version of the Reformer designed by Joseph Pilates, is used in combination with weights, suspension training straps, and a bosu ball to perform a series of exercises that build throughout the workout.

In fact, the Duchess of Sussex has raved about her personal trainer and friend Heather Dorak’s Pilates Platinum, which uses the Megaformer, telling Harper’s Bazaar: “There are so many workouts that you try out once and never go back to... You keep coming back for several reasons: First off, your body changes immediately… give it two classes and you will see a difference.”

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The Megaformer is a pilates machine that Meghan Markle uses for her workouts

Although the Megaformer is a sliding carriage, with springs that create resistance, it comes with a group of handlebars that allow you to change positions quickly and to increase and decrease the amount of resistance during each exercise. During sessions, a series of slow, controlled movements are completed without any rests in between, and with minimal or no transitions. The goal is to work multiple muscle groups while also raising the heart rate.

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Exercises ranging from those that use suspension training straps to yoga positions can all be performed on the Megaformer

During muscle training and cardio workouts, which last approximately 50 minutes, you can burn between 500 and 700 calories, which is the same amount as a CrossFit session, but the exercises are low impact, according to Sebastian Lagree, who patented the machine and created the main routines performed on this equipment.

And when you want, you can reduce the time to 25 minutes by increasing the incline on the Megaformer and to shorten the time required to do the exercises. It's an intense form of activity, ideal for people who already have a certain level of physical conditioning, as it’s really demanding! However, with a proper introductory period it can also be used by people who are newcomers to the world of fitness.

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Workout sessions typically last 50 minutes

You can set weight loss goals, and can strengthening and tone your body without minimizing your curves, like Sofía Vergara does. Fans say that the Megaformer is truly addictive, in a good way, due to both the immediate and the long-term results. You feel stronger while you're actually doing the exercises (increasing balance, strength and control) and as you commit to the workout you’ll see red carpet ready results.

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