Heartwarming viral coronavirus stories
Staying positive

7 of the most heartwarming viral coronavirus stories

These stories prove that even during the hardest times, love prevails

Yes, we’re living in a time of uncertainty, but something we’ve learned is that love always prevails. Amid the global coronavirus outbreak, the world has set aside the nonsense and joined in showing extra love and support to their loved ones. In efforts to keep everyone safe, ironically, social distancing has become the new way to show you the people around you that you care about them. And these days, sons, daughters, neighbors, friends, and everyone in between are getting creative with how they’re showing their love and affection.

Now more than ever, the world could use positive news and stories that remind us that this too shall pass, and we’ll be able to hold our loved ones close again. Scroll through the gallery to learn about the love stories that are warming our hearts – some might even make you cry tears of endearment!

1) How sweet is this? This son is visiting his father, who lives in a quarantined assisted living facility, showing there’s no barrier that can stop love.

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Goodnight everyone. 🌎🌙♥️

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2) This 80-year-old woman received a loving surprise from her neighbors, who all sang happy birthday to her. Our hearts!

3) The grandchildren of a 95-year-old woman stood at her front lawn to sing her Happy Birthday, keeping the recommended distance to protect her. Now, that’s love!

6) Coronavirus is giving us all more proof that music is an instant mood-lifter, even in the toughest times.

7) What’s better than sharing your Netflix password? Sharing an old school projected film with your neighbors. <3