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The must-see Coronavirus memes that are keeping us positive

Life indoors can be boring but we are lightening up with these memes

Since last week, most citizens have joined the quarantine life and retreated to their homes. But, being indoors for a long period of time can be quite the challenge. Especially when you have to adapt to the confinements of your room to work.

As many cities across the United States continue to shut down, people are joining social media to voice their frustrations and look for an escape. Whether you are working from home or just enjoying unprecedented vacations, there are few things that will keep you from going insane. These are the must-see Coronavirus memes while you are in lockdown and supplies start running out.

Sometimes “Lo barato sale caro” and is better to spend extra bucks on your next vacation. Start saving for a big trip after Quarantine life.

After the Wuhan shake went viral, Black Panther fans started saluting in a different way. No hand shakes included.

Maybe fashion week season will start implementing new wearable materials and yellow will be in season. Toilet paper might be used as a new fabric alternative for womenswear.

Many millennials will tell their grandchildren how 2020 was survival of the fittest. In times of chaos, do not panic and stay calm.

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🌎 I know it’s a scary time right now. There are massive amounts of uncertainty, plenty of questions, & lots of misinformation being spread. There are people still thinking the #coronavirus is “just like the flu”, and not following professional recommendations. Rather be overreactive than under, right? What’s the harm of treating this like it can hurt us all? There are also people on the opposite side that are scared to go outside of their house. I am not here to tell anyone their feelings are invalid or wrong, but I am hoping to post this and ease minds. Let’s start by listing the sources of accurate information: (accuracy pending) . Next, let’s list the things to do to minimize exposure & slow the spread of this virus 🦠: -Wash hands thoroughly for 20-30 seconds with soap and warm water -Stay away from large group of people -Minimize your contact with others -Wear gloves when you pump gas or need store essentials & have to touch frequently touched surfaces (like produce & gas pumps) -Clean your produce extremely well as if they were your hands -Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze (into your elbow preferably) -If you order packages, accept them but leave them in the garage or other for 48-72 hours after delivery & wash your hands after you accept them -Don’t hoard supplies because there are babies going without wipes & diapers, & elderly going without their essentials. (Pretty embarrassing considering only our country seems to be doing that excessively & these videos that are surfacing are embarrassing as well. Take your anger out somewhere else, like an at home gym people) -Avoid taking babies, elderly, or immune compromised people out and about for daily errands unless absolutely necessary -If you are sick, stay at home -If you think you may have coronavirus, contact your healthcare provider & THEY will instruct you further -Check on your family & close peeps at least once a day by phone to make sure they are okay. . People from both Italy & China are saying that this is a crucial time for the U.S. to be proactive about the way we do things to avoid the spread of this any further. Cont. in comments

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Earth might be one of the most affected planets in our solar system. But, it is still the most beautiful place indeed.

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Whos still saving?!

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At least you can get a good deal for an Uber ride. You might even get extra sanitation with wipes included.

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Damn 😂😂 👉🏾(via: msgiro/twitter)

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