"Miss Dior" perfume bottles

Dior and Givenchy are producing free hand sanitizer during coronavirus crisis

The luxury brands are set to help out consumers

The coronavirus crisis is creating community in different industries, as the world continues to stay informed, cautious and socially distant from one another. Officials are calling this serious virus a pandemic and advise we take extreme measure to ensure personal health. According to experts, washing your hands for at least 20-seconds is the best way to prevent the virus. With hand soaps and disinfects on back-order or overpriced, LVMH, the parent company of luxury brands including Christian Dior and Givenchy, are stepping in to help.

"J'adore" perfume bottles at the fragrance©GettyImages
The LVMH company is switching gears and help aid those in need with their resources

Their factories, which traditionally mass produce fragrances, will be switching gears and making large quantities of hand sanitizers. The move will help the influx of consumers who need the disinfectant, specifically hospitals.

 The hand sanitizer shelves©GettyImages
A local Target was out of hand sanitizer

The batches of sanitizer will be sent to French hospitals to provide aid. This speaks volumes on the brand’s mission to help those in need, and we hope other brands will follow suit.

According to doctors and professionals, when buying hand sanitizer, it’s important to ensure there's at least 60% ethanol and 70% isopropanol. While sanitizers help minimize the spread of the virus, washing your hands is just as effective, if not more, to prevent COVID-19.

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