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Marc Anthony bought a whole art expo and you’ll never believe how much it cost

The salsa singer couldn’t resist snapping up a famous French artist’s work

Singer Marc Anthony is one of the Latin entertainment industry’s best-loved stars, having sold over 12 million albums and won various Grammy Awards. According to Forbes magazine he has a net worth of $80 million, so he has a bit of spare cash to splash – and it looks like that’s what he just did! Page Six reports that the Valió La Pena singer bought up an entire art exhibition for a cool $150,000.

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Marc Anthony bought 12 works of art for $150,000 before they went on show

The Puerto Rican singer reportedly bought 12 works of art by French artist Florian Eymann before they went on exhibition at the Avant Gallery in Miami. Marc fell in love with the artworks during a private viewing and wasted no time in splurging on them.

Florian Eymann works of art©@florianeymann
The pieces are by French artist Florian Eymann

Florian Eymann is known for his modern takes on classic paintings of famous people, kings, queens and politicians, often with a distorted twist. As laid out on his profile page on the Avant Gallery’s web page, “He explores dark themes, and experiments with form and content by deconstructing and reinterpreting faces and expressions of the traditional portraiture.”

Florian Eymann works of art©@florianeymann
Marc Anthony may well attend the opening of the exhibition at Miami’s Avant Gallery on March 5

Although it’s not known if the pair know each other, if the singer has acquired the pieces as an investment or to decorate his walls at home, what we do know is that Marc Anthony is going to have to wait a month and a half until he can get his hands on his new art.

The Avant Gallery will display Eymann’s Interpretation exhibition from March 5 until April 19 and it’s possible that Jennifer Lopez’s ex will attend the opening.

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