Anuel AA, millionaire workout

Anuel AA does ‘millionaire’ workout using luxury supercars as equipment and we can’t believe our eyes

The Puerto Rican rapper’s workout will be your new favorite

Celebrities spends hundreds of dollars on fitness plans, Anuel AA spends millions. The Keii rapper took to his social media to show off a series of “millionaire exercises” featuring his cars and the results are hilarious. Anuel – who couldn’t stop laughing during the duration of the video – began his work out with arms. The Medusa singer started by lifting the suicide doors of his red Lamborghini. Following arms, Anuel worked his legs and did stretches with his lady Karol G’s yellow bumblebee car.

Anuel AA expensive workout©@anuel_2blea
Anuel AA showed off his million dollar workout

Ending his routine, the rapper went back to the lambo and crushed his ab workouts. Getting him in the zone, the rapper listened to Eye of the Tiger. It wouldn’t be a millionaire workout without the proper attire. The 27-year-old rocked a black shirt, beige kaki shorts and matching sneakers. Adding flare, he wore diamond-encrusted heart-shaped sunglasses and his signature blinged out chain that features his face.

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Prior to his fitness video, the star shared a video showing off one of his many watches. In the clip, Anuel proudly let the sun shine of his rainbow Rolex as he cruised in the car. In the clip, the star sang along to his new song with Bad Bunny, Está Cabrón Ser Yo.

Anuel AA, expensive cars©@anuel_2blea
The 27-year-old often poses with his cars

The Puerto Rican superstar has no problem showing off his flashy lifestyle. Anuel playfully cruises around in a host of fast luxury cars. For his birthday, the star’s fiancé surprised him with the car of his dreams and his reaction couldn’t have been sweeter. In a video, the China rapper talked about his dream day. “We are here celebrating my birthday in Batman’s car. Batman’s car, do you get that,” he quipped.