Salma Hayek
Aroma Hacks

Salma Hayek has a great trick for combating stress - and it’s 100% natural!

Embrace the power of nature with these essential oils

Salma Hayek loves outdoor activities, from what we can see from her social media. Dog walks, snoozing in hammocks, and enjoying a delicious breakfast in the garden are just some of the activities that the Mexican star enjoys. Multiple studies have shown that being in touch with nature relaxes us, with fresh air helping us breathe better. And for those who can’t escape into the countryside every day, we can also find these benefits in essential oils. And according to a recent magazine article Salma’s favorite is lavender oil.

Salma Hayek with damp cabello©@salmahayek
Salma Hayek goes for natural therapies to relax herself

Using essential oils is part of an alternative medicinal practice called aromatherapy. This therapeutic discipline extracts essential oils from aromatic plants, which help maintain a balance between your body and your mind. Harper's Bazaar confirmed that Salma uses lavender oil to relax. The Gucci ambassador massages the oil gently into the soles of her feet, and her daughter Valentina Paloma is also a fan.

Lavender essential oil©Istock
Lavender essential oil is her favorite

Lavender has a powerful fragrance with calming properties that help you clear your mind. It is product which is often used as part of therapies for treating depression, anxiety and stress.

What’s more, this essential oil is great for fighting against insomnia and headaches. On this note, it is worth mentioning the Cooper Salva Menthol Freshness Macaroon that the actress uses to calm her migraines. For the time being it is only sold in Europe, where it can be found for around $7, though it’s available via Amazon for $24.

Menthol Macaron Fraicheur de Salva©Easy Parapharmacie
The actress likes natural solutions to treat her migraines

Other Essential Oils

Aside from the Mexican actress’s favorite, there are many other essential oils that have healing properties. For example, eucalyptus essential oil helps to ease asthma, bronchitis and nasal congestion. This oil is also perfect to use for massages and relaxing muscles. Orange essential oil is great for treating stress. It has antidepressant properties as well as being an excellent anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic.

Orange essential oil©Istock
Orange essential oil is also great for helping you to relax

Last but certainly not least, is rosemary oil. It works wonders on muscle pains, joint problems and tiredness during times of stress and tension.

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