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Halle Berry: how to achieve rock-hard abs just like hers

At 53 years old, Halle Berry looks just as amazing as she did in 2004, when she played the iconic Marvel character, Catwoman. For years, the actress has been counted as one of the most fit and toned Hollywood stars of them all. A big part of that is thanks to her genes and her discipline with exercise, which has allowed her to boast abs of steel, but how exactly does she achieve this?

Halle Berry shows off her abs©@halleberry
The actress was keen to cultivate abs of steel for her role as a MMA fighter in Bruised

The mother-of-two has shared her exercices with fans on more than one occasion, next to her personal trainer Peter Lee Thomas. On her #FitnessFridays she gives us a glimpse of her training and encourages her followers to establish aims in their physical training. This is the first lesson that we learn from the Oscar-winning actress:

“There is nothing better than the feeling of establishing a goal and smashing it. One of my aims for #BruisedTheMovie? Washboard abs. Today I’ve finally got them, and it feels incredible! This #FitnessFriday, I’m urging everyone to decide what their goal is. What’s your fitness target? Set the bar higher than you think (...) and stick with it. The work will not be easy, but is it worth it? Worth every damn second,” the actress points out.

Halle Berry and Peter Lee Thomas lifting blocks©@halleberry
Along with her trainer, Halle shows off different training exercises

What’s more, the star explains that she does a grueling 4 hours of training per day. The only way of maintaining this routine is to vary it a lot, so she does high intensity cardiovascular exercises combined with skips, squats, pistols, jumps, planks – all the variations you could possibly imagine.

As well as helping burn calories and boosting your circulatory system, these exercise combinations strengthen the upper body, core and lower body. They incorporate big muscular groups all over the body. Strength exercises as traditional as just lifting different types of weights help develop and strengthen your muscles.

Halle Berry boxing©@halleberry
Halle Berry incorporated boxing into her training routine a few years ago

Around this, she adds boxing and mixed martial arts, which are excellent for coordination, speed, toning and even losing or maintaining your body weight. These disciplines require constant and consistent abdominal work. So she focuses on stability and execution of the moves from the core.


Aside from the benefits of concentration and relaxation, Halle does yoga to maintain flexibility, strength and focus.

Halle Berry and Peter Lee Thomas stretching©@halleberry
Breathing and stretching are important parts of getting the most out of your exercise routine

What’s more, the star always remembers to include elongation and conscious breathing in her physical routines, so she ensures there are multiple slots dedicated to stretching.

You already have a good idea of the effort and physical activity required to have ‘rock hard’ abs. But along with this, you have to follow a healthy diet. For this, Halle follows adapted Keto diets, with very little carbohydrates, and emphasis on proteins and fats that allow her to keep her Type 2 Diabetes under control.

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