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Discover the most exclusive places to unplug and enjoy the luxury of disconnect

In these amazing destinations you can ski, meditate or simply enjoy the pleasure of taking it easy

Have you ever thought about where your favorite stars go on vacation? Or how do they manage to disconnect, recharge, and spend some quality time, either on their own, or surrounded by their families and friends? Whether they choose to find some inner peace, spend some magical days in the snow with friends, or have a romantic getaway surrounded by nature, these destinations are top-of-the-line options to spend a few days surrounded by luxury.

To the snow!

Hollywood moves to Utah

Salt Lake City is one of the most exclusive places to spend the winter holidays. The city offers something for everyone: the most exclusive hotels, some of the best mountains in the world, and a city that transforms every winter with exclusive parties, film festival and the arrival of Hollywood’s elite. The Stein Eriksen Lodge is the best option for those seeking to live the most luxurious experience in this winter city. With a spa and restaurants of the highest level, this resort is considered by specialized magazines as the best in the United States for those looking to ski.

Stein Eriksen Lodge©@steinlodge
The Stein Eriksen Lodge—Utah's Only Forbes 5-Star hotel—is considered one of the world's best ski hotels.

Privacy in the Alps

One of the favorite destinations of the Dukes of Cambridge, the Klosters in the Swiss Alps is a dream destination. Privacy and comfort are what matters there. If in St. Moritz one will see a winter catwalk, in the Klosters what matters is privacy, comfort and relaxation. Not in vain stars such as Julia Roberts, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bono and even members of the different royal houses, make an obligatory annual stop there.

The Klosters in the Swiss Alps©Getty/John Stillwell
The Prince of Wales and his sons, Prince William (left) and Prince Harry, pose for photographers on the slopes above Klosters in one of their traditional skiing holiday in the past.

Mind and Body

Find yourself in California

If you’re looking to hit pause on your busy lifestyle and focus on reaching the healthiest version of yourself, an unparalleled option is Cal-a-Vie. Located in the San Diego mountainside, this spa is an ideal place to recover energy and rediscover yourself. Their intensive programs of 3, 4 o7 days are completely personalized according to the goals and needs of every visitor. They can focus on improving their appearance, weight loss or simply relaxing. Everything comes accompanied by great discretion, thanks to the 32 villas and private suites they offer. No wonder stars like Natalie Portman and Oprah visit it frequently.

Cal-a-Vie Health Spa©@calaviespa
Cal-a Vie is a life changing destination to cut the tangled cord from a frenetic, technology-driven world.

A break in Valencia

Hidden in Albir, province in the south of Valencia, Spain, is SHA Wellness Clinic. This mix of exclusive hotel, spa and fitness center, is the perfect place for those looking for a break, relaxing and leaving looking their best after spending a few days there. As much as they specialize in weight loss programs, don’t think that the food won’t be great. Under the motto “food as medicine, medicine as food,” each visitor will have a diet designed according to their needs and preferences, based on grains, legumes, vegetables and fruits.

SHA Wellness Clinic in Playa del Albir, Valencia, Spain.©@shawellness
This mix of exclusive hotel, spa and fitness center, is the perfect place for those looking for a break.


Escape in the Delta

A magical destination to connect with nature and put aside the hustle and bustle of everyday life is the Okavango Delta in Botswana. Famous for being the place chosen by Prince Harry to fall in love with Meghan Markle, it is not only ideal to see the “Big Five” in their natural space, it is also an extremely romantic and magical space. If you want to replicate the journey of the Dukes of Sussex, don’t miss exploring the Meno A Kwena safari.

Botswana. Okavango Delta. Zebras©GettyImages
A magical destination to connect with nature and put aside the hustle and bustle of everyday life is the Okavango Delta in Botswana

Getting in touch with nature

The goal of the Travaasa Hana Hotel in Maui is for its visitors to completely unplug. How do they achieve that? To begin with, by not having televisions or any kind of technological distractions in the rooms. Not even clocks. Located in a rural area east of the island, this is an experiential resort. Each visitor chooses the type of visit he wants to have: adventure, culinary, culture, fitness, and spa & wellness. According to that, each experience will be personalized to fill the day of activities and rest that will make you forget the emails that await in your inbox.