Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson’s travel hacks could save you this season

The actress, activist and mom is always on the go - and she knows how to do it right!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but it can be the most stressful time. We chalk our to-do list full of gift shopping, party planning, year end work - and you bet we check that list twice. Of course, traveling during the holiday season has the makings of being the biggest holly jolly nightmare of them all. Lucky for us, actress (and frequent flyer) Rosario Dawson shared some expert tips that will keep you cheerful no matter how far away you roam.

Celebrity Sightings At The Nice Airport - The 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival Day 10©GettyImages
Rosario Dawson is all smiles as she touches down at the airpot

Between filming television shows and movies, overseeing her Studio One Eighty Nine social enterprise and being a stellar activist, Rosario is always on the go. However, it’s no sweat off her back. The 40-year-old busy bee loves to travel. “When people ask me where I live, I say I live on an airplane,” she told Conde Nast Traveler. “I love travel, and I especially love international airports and seeing people come in from all over the world… I really love the whole process.”

While her passion for soaring over 30,000 feet in the air definitely helps, the mom-of-one also has an incredible traveler regimen. For starters, she doesn’t rush. “I don’t want to spend a bunch of my ‘free time’ there; the idea that I could have a coffee or tea or even just a walk in the place that I was, rather than sitting around in an airport for extra hours, is really critical to me. I prefer not to be running to catch the plane, but instead strolling on as they're doing last call. I’ve had friends who’ve said they loved traveling with me, just because it’s an adventure in itself.”

The star also arms her carry-on with health products like essential oils. “There’s a doTerra one called Breathe that is really great for when you’re feeling something in the air or feel a little allergic. The other one I use religiously is called On Guard. Since using that, I pretty much don’t get sick anymore.”

Rosario elaborated that the product is “based off another similar oil blend called Thieves Oil, which is a combination of oils that were used during the times of the plague.” It can be life-saving because “it’s antibacterial.” So, no fear you’ll miss the big holiday party due to a travel bug!

Another “Pro Ro” tip? “I always have ear plugs,” she says. “I never want to give off the vibe that someone traveling with their child, or someone who is sick or snoring, is a bother. One of the reasons I think I can fall asleep in almost any position is that I have Pavlovian dogged myself: I put those ear plugs in, I’ve got my little hat covering my eyes, I’ve got a blankie keeping me warm, and I feel I can get cozy and rest as much as possible.”

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