Drew Barrymore is not only a top-notch actress but a filmmaker, mother, wife, author, cosmetics maven, and winemaker as well. So, when she had the time to sit down and dish on her years of travel experience from all of her ventures, you’d better believe we took the time to listen. Yahoo! Travel spoke to Barrymore at the launch of her new Barrymore by Carmel Road Pinot Grigio to get her top travel tips.

Drew talked about her travel experience from all of her ventures with Yahoo! Travel

1) Eat and drink regionally

Clever Drew makes sure to sample all local fair whilst traveling. She says, “I definitely like to try the regional cuisine when I’m there. Like if I’m in Portland, I want to do an Oregonian wine. I really love recommendations, I love it all. I just think that all of it can lead to something great.”

When in Italy, eat pasta. (Drew Barrymore/Instagram)

2) Bring your own medications

“My top travel essential, funny enough, is medicine. I bring medicines I might need in an emergency, or like stat. I’ll bring my allergy medicine or things that I know I won’t be able to get at midnight when I’m suffering. And when it comes to medicine, you just bring the kitchen sink with kids.”

Don’t get caught without your own stash of meds. (Getty Images)

3) Fit everything into one bag per person

“I wish I could be a minimalist, but with kids, you always overcompensate and want to bring everything. There’s a Burton bag that each one of my daughters and myself and my husband have. If it fits in that Burton bag, then I can bring it. Try not to have the 18 shopping bags and duffel bags and purses and all those things. It’s messy.”

This is the Burton Wheelie Sub Travel Bag - the same one Barrymore’s family uses. (Photo: Burton)

4) Wear comfortable shoes

“I don’t worry about looking refreshed when I step off the plane. I am usually in the most comfortable shoes I can possibly find. I never dress fabulous when flying. I just focus on comfortable footwear.”

These look pretty comfy, too! (Drew Barrymore/Instagram)

5) Watch how much you drink on a plane

“You just can’t gauge how tipsy you get in the air, so if you think you are getting tipsy, start to drink some water. Otherwise you are going to land, and you’re going to be superbombed. There’s something about being in the air where you’re like, ‘I’m just not that tipsy,’ and then you land and it hits you differently. So I would say, be semicautious. I just think you don’t want to land and be shnockered at the baggage claim.”

Have fun on the plane, just not too much fun. (Getty Images)

6) Choose a smaller hotel room

“I usually prefer a smaller room, because it’s not cut up. You get excited about the junior suite, and it’s two terrible boxes with the long hallway. Go with the single room — it usually has better windows, better light, and a more open floor plan.”

It’s nice to be cozy. (Offset)

7) Stick with versatile staples when packing

“My staple when I travel is my J.Crew heels. I love them. They’re the best, and they’re sensible, and they’re comfortable, and they go with everything — they’re black suede. (I prefer suede over leather any day of the week.) I try to do things that work for night and day and sleeping. I’m like, oh, this top will work for various things. I usually bring a pair of jeans. And I bring too many pairs of sweatpants because that’s what I prefer to be in. During the day with the kids, trekking around, I just feel like a schlump. I am OK with that. I’m always thinking about what I can sleep in rather than looking stylish. I do pack nicer outfits to wear at night to go to dinner.”

8) Don’t rush

“I really am organized when it comes to my kids, and I’m a disaster when it comes to myself. But I want to lead by example, so I am working on myself, but I am very proud of the way that my kids are handled. I make sure everybody is packed the night before; there is no mad morning rush.”

This article originally appeared on Yahoo! Travel.

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