Penelope Cruz is the friend you call when there is a beauty emergency. The 43-year-old actress opened up about the time she helped BFF Salma Hayek when her glam squad went M.I.A. “I actually did Salma Hayek’s hair and makeup once in the dark,” the Spanish actress told InStyle magazine in a recent interview. “She had a premiere one night and called me like, “My glam squad didn't show up, and the power went out in my house. I need you.’ We put candles everywhere, and I got her ready.” 


VER GALERÍA Penelope admitted to doing Salma's hair and makeup before an event Photo: Getty Images 

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The American Crime Story star noted that she would know exactly what to do if she wasn't an actress. “I could have a second profession as a hairstylist. I can give a really good haircut to anyone who will let me.” Penelope, who has been friends with the 50-year-old for years, did however reminisce about one trend that didn't work so well. “When I was 14, I wanted to look like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman,” the Lancome spokewoman noted. “I did this crazy-extreme perm that was too strong and completely damaged my hair for years.”

VER GALERÍA Penelope and Salma have been friends for years Photo: Instagram/@salmahayek

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Her time spent at her mother’s hair salon wasn't only used to learn to style hair, she also studied the customers. “I was fascinated because I realized many of the women were pretending to be someone they weren't,” she explained. “They were characters, and I learned from them. I’d fake like I was studying my books, but I was really studying these women.”

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