If you thought that tagging everything as “millennial” is old news   —from avocado toast to flamingo pool floaties— think again: the most talked-about generation of the 21st century now has its own color, aptly named “millennial pink.”

The color has been around for a long time before Pantone named rose quartz one of its 2016 colors of the year, and its rise in popularity has been steadily growing throughout the years. One could argue the pink craze all started in the early 2000s where Paris Hilton trademarked the color as the symbol of the era, but it didn’t stop there. In 2011, model Charlotte Free rocked pink hair for the first time creating a buzz all around and turning everyone’s hair that same shade. Then, in 2013, skincare brand Glossier took the pink onto packaging, and the following year Wes Anderson introduced the pink to the big screen with his film, The Grand Budapest Hotel. And last year, Starbucks stayed on trend by turning millennial pink into a tasty strawberry-based drink almost too pretty to sip.

VER GALERÍA  Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte wore millennial pink for the Trooping the Colour parade Photo: Getty Images

In fact, the creamy pink is here to stay. Unlike most trends, this one hasn’t experienced any kind of drop in demand; on the contrary, it continues to be very well sought after. The most interesting part is that there’s no defined shade that marks it as millennial pink, if anything, it’s had the ability to transform itself into a variety of pinks, almost as if it’s made to fit all tastes.

Why has this trendy pink – ranging from salmon to powder pink to peach tones – been associated with an entire generation? For starters, Tumblr has helped boost the colors appeal through the artsy photos that decorate the site, to the point that you could argue that’s where it all started. The color has such staying power that no matter what season in the fashion world, it seems to attract those bitten by the pink bug.

VER GALERÍA  Salma Hayek wore pink hair for the 2017 Cannes Film Festival Photo: Instagram/salmahayek

The color has infiltrated almost every part of daily life. Rosé is the hottest drink of the summer, technology has turned from grey to rose gold, pink is a popular hair color, and a photo isn’t ‘Instagram worthy’ unless it’s somehow got pink sprinkled in. Rihanna’s collaboration with Puma features the color in several of her pieces while fashion house Acne changed their shopping bags to pink, and Gucci inserts pops of pink onto the runway. Other celebrities can be seen rocking a similar shade while out and about, further showcasing just how cool the color looks. That is why the fashion world has exploded with pink lately: if it isn’t ‘millennial pink,’ it isn’t relevant.

VER GALERÍA Rihanna found inspiration through millennial pink for her new FentyxPuma collection Photo: Instagram/badgalriri

Even songs have been colored pink. Drake’s famous Hotline Bling cover art debuted a soft baby pink, while Katy Perry’s Chained to the Rhythm music video splatters pink throughout, following the trend. Selena Gomez jumped on the pink train with the cover art for her single Bad Liar cast in a rose gold hue.

VER GALERÍA Selena Gomez starred in her Bad Liar music video bathed in rose light Photo: Instagram/selenagomez

Millennials surely are the generation of now, and not only that but they brought their own color with them, so in popstar Katy Perry’s words, put on those rose-colored glasses on, for the town has been painted millennial pink.

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