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4 Must-Have Pieces of Workout Equipment to Complete Your Home Gym

The founder of 54D, Rodrigo Garduño, shared with us the gym tools everyone should have.

If there’s anything we have learned from 2020, it’s how to turn your home living space into a gym. With a lot of gyms and workout studios closed around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, both trainers and regular gym-goers have had to get creative with how to continue their regular exercise routine while at home.

Regardless of the type of workout you favor, learning which equipment you need to invest in to make your at-home gym experience more comfortable can be an overwhelming task. Rodrigo Garduño, the founder of 54D, shared his top picks for what everyone should considering investing in to complete their at-home gym.

Workout Mat

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A quality exercise mat is a key piece of equipment everyone should invest in. Regardless of the workout you’re doing or following, odds are you’ll need to eventually go on the ground. A cushioned mat will help protect your knees and wrists, according to Garduño.

Jump rope

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A good, old fashioned jump rope is another important tool to have for your at-home workouts. Garduno said that a jump rope is great for warming up your muscles and getting the blood flowing before an intense workout. It’s also a great piece of equipment to have when you want to get some cardio in or to build up your stamina.

Resistance Band with Handles

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For those who enjoy strength training but want a compact tool that doesn’t take up much room at their home, a resistance band is ideal. According to Garduño, a resistance band is a versatile tool that is great for building strength, especially in your upper body, without having to worry about investing in expensive weights. Exercises such as bicep curls and overhead presses can easily be performed using a band.

Elastic Band

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To work the lower half of your body, an elastic band is something everyone should have, as suggested by Garduño. A round band is great for low-impact exercises that won’t put too much strain on your joints. Bands vary in light, medium, and heavy resistance so there’s an option for everyone.

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