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Cardi B went makeup-free in a recent Instagram video and we need to learn her skincare routine

The 28-year-old’s skin looked flawless in a video she posted over the weekend.

We love seeing a celebrity embracing their skin by going makeup-free. Some celebrities, like singer Alicia Keys, have even made it a trend to barely wear a stitch of makeup whether it’s on stage or at an award show. “WAP” singer, Cardi B recently posted a makeup-free Instagram video talking to her fans and the 28-year-old’s skin is glistening.

The “Money” singer launched her line of Reebok sneakers on November 13 and in addition to multiple posts on her Instagram about the launch, she also recorded a video of herself addressing her fans about the sneakers selling out so fast. In true Cardi fashion, she came on pretending she was fake crying but then laughed and thanked her fans for their support.

“People were cursing me out and I can’t take it anymore. People are cursing me out because my Reebok sneakers and it’s like, what do you guys want me to do? It’s not my fault! It’s not my fault that you guys are the greatest supporters ever! But, um, I think there’s some left on footlocker.com, and there’s some left in the stores, Footlocker stores. Thank you so much everybody for selling out my sneakers so f****** fast. Yaaaaasssssss!” Cardi said in the social media video.

We’re hoping Cardi’s next video is her showing us her skincare routine because the singer’s skin is looking flawless!

In addition to her sneaker release, Cardi was also on the cover of Footwear News this month, imitating the Hindu goddess Durga, according to Harper’s Bazaar. The singer received backlash for appropriating Hinduism and disrespecting their culture, according to the magazine.

“I found this really disrespectful towards our culture because even wearing a shoe in a temple is prohibited, but then she did a photoshoot by holding a shoe in her hand saying she paid ‘homage,’” wrote one person on Twitter.

Footwear News was quick to apologize by releasing a statement to People last week saying, “Yesterday we posted content from our exclusive Cardi B cover shoot. One of the images was intended to pay homage to Hindu goddess Durga, and our intent was to show a powerful woman. However, we realize we were not considerate of certain cultural and religious perspectives and how this could be perceived as deeply offensive,” the magazine‘s statement said. The statement went on to acknowledge the misrepresentation.

Cardi also made sure to apologize in an Instagram story. “When I did the Reebok shoot, the creatives told me I was going to represent a Goddess; that she represents strength, femininity, and liberation, and that‘s something I love and I’m all about,” the singer said.

“And though it was dope, if people think I‘m offending their culture or their religion, I want to say I’m sorry. That was not my intent,” she said. ”I do not like disrespecting nobody’s religion. I wouldn’t like people to offend my religion. When people dress as the Virgin Mary and Jesus, as long as they do it in a beautiful, graceful way, a respectful way, I don’t feel a certain type of way. I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful. Maybe I should have done my research. I’m sorry, I can’t change the past, but I will do more research for the future,” she continued.

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