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¡Ay Dios!

Sofia Vergara’s cousin gives Eva Mendes scary-looking beauty treatment and we’re shook

It may look painful, but it’s apparently the star’s happy place

Eva Mendes has an adventurous beauty routine. The 46-year-old star embodied the old adage “beauty is pain and pain is beauty” in an Instagram post on Friday, November 13 and people are having visceral reactions. The photo is definitely squirm-inducing, capturing Eva relaxing with seven needles stuck deep into her chin. “Oye!” she rightfully prefaced in her caption. Despite the uncomfortable looking picture, the glowing gal went on to call it her “happy place.”

The luxury experience was administered at the newly-opened Beauty Villa Vergara. If you’re like us, that last word elicited immediate excitement. Yes, there is a big Sofia Vergara connection to the villa. CEO Dr. Mariana Vergara Hofstetter is the Modern Family star’s cousin!

“This spa-home away from home is incredible!” Eva elaborated in her caption. “No office with bad fluorescent lighting. No sterile office vibe. This is my go to for all things beauty.” She then jokingly added: “A home where you can relax while being tortured by the best of the best.”

“Here I am getting some Mono-Threads,” the mom-of-two said of her skin-tightening treatment. “Ayyyy Dios! I’ll update you with results if you care.” Eva was extra thrilled to support Mariana “as a skilled beauty technician” since it’s a Latina-owned business. “Pa’lante reina!” she capped off her little promo with, which translates to: “Forward Queen!”

Our nervous reaction was mirrored by countless fans in the comments section. Eva plucked out one that read: “HELL NAH GIRL!!!!!! THIS LOOKS SO CRAZY I hope ur ok.... I’m shook.” It tickled her so much that she just had to respond, writing: “ha! Just reading through some of the comments. You made me laugh because that would’ve been my reaction to this! But @marianalvergara is so skilled I honestly had no idea I had that many in.”

She good-naturedly continued: “Then when she told me how many I didn’t believe her so I asked her to take a pic. This was pic was not planned. I do not like physical pain! I do not like needles! This was a big one for me! Thx for making me laugh with your comment. Hope you and yours are well!” Whatever Eva’s doing, it’s clearly working because she’s gorgeous!

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