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Alejandra Espinoza shares with HOLA! her self-care rituals and products

Espinoza spoke to us about all things skincare, beauty, and her current work projects.

Alejandra Espinoza is a woman who can balance it all! She’s a model and TV host, businesswoman, Aveeno Brand Ambassador, has her own clothing line, is a mother and wife, and she still manages to take time to care for her own well being. With all of these projects on her plate, we were thrilled to be able to chat with Espinoza about her latest ventures and how she’s been coping during these unprecedented times.

HOLA! USA: How have you been since the last time you spoke to HOLA USA!?
Alejandra Espinoza: “Actually, I’ve been great! I’ve been taking care of my family, working as much as I can, reading a lot, running a lot. I’ve been taking care of myself, my skin, my body, so everything is fine - we’re here and that’s the only thing that counts.”

Are you currently in California right now?
“No, I’m in Miami right now. We’re traveling back to Los Angeles this Friday. We were supposed to just come for a week. My husband is working at Univision, so we came just to be with him for a week and then we didn’t want to go (laughs). And my son, he’s in school, so we have to do the Zoom calls and his itinerary is from California so I have to be with him at school the whole day. Yeah, it’s crazy but it’s fine!”

You mentioned running and taking care of your skin. What are some of your other go-to self care habits right now and have they changed over the past few months?
“Well one of the things that did change if anything, is I gave my skin a rest. I can’t even count the days that I wear makeup - I think it’s only on Thursdays, when I have interviews, or for when I have to work. Other than that, I just don’t wear makeup. I just do a deep cleaning on my face and I try to use my skincare products, and I can see a difference. I’m using right now this new line from Aveeno, it’s called Calm and Restore. It’s for sensitive skin and it’s given an extra glow to my skin. It has a lot of natural ingredients and it’s great for everyone even though it says sensitive skin, if you don’t have that type of skin, you can still use it. I go to the bathroom and really take my time with my skin rituals.”

Do you enjoy your morning or nighttime routine more?
“I’m not sure which one I enjoy the most! I think both to be honest because those are moments of your day that are your moments. It’s you taking care of you, your skin. I clean my face with a great cleanser from the new line of Aveeno that I was telling you about, Calm and Restore. And then I use my serum and then I use my moisturizer that is great. It has a lot of good and natural ingredients that are so good for your skin and when you wake up you don’t want to wash your face because it’s going to be so glowy but you have to (laughs). It doesn’t matter how late I get home, you have to do wash and do something for your face.”

Speaking of Aveeno, you’re a Brand Ambassador for them which is so exciting! What does it mean to you to be the face of the brand?
“It’s actually pretty easy! Before I started working with them, I was a fan of the products so I believe in everything they do. I believe in the brand, not just for me, but for my baby, for my family. It doesn’t matter what kind of family you go to, they’ll all have at least one product from Aveeno and that says a lot about the brand. It’s family oriented, it’s for the whole family. Like I said, before I started working with them I was using the moisturizers, the SPF, everything! It’s been a pretty easy journey for me!”

Do you have one holy grail Aveeno product that you can never live without?
“Well I think the Positively Radiant Sheer Moisturizer - I always tell my fans or people I speak to, if you don’t have time to do a whole skincare routine, that’s the go-to product to use. It’s amazing for your skin and it also has SPF - the main thing you have to wear everyday, so that’s my forever favorite one.”

In addition to working with Aveeno, you’re a busy bee with a lot of projects up your sleeve. Can you tell us about your new clothing line?
“Yes! It’s called AIMAE. I know it’s hard. Okay I’m going to explain the name. One day when I was either at the airport or in the airplane, I was looking for a name for this brand that I was very excited for and I wanted it to be something that I love the most. My son was sitting next to me, his name is Aiden Matteo so I grabbed the first letters of his full name and I was mixing and matching and coming up with a bunch of names, then I saw AIMAE and it felt right. What I want from my brand is to be not just a small project. I have big dreams for it and I think we can do it and I’m very ambitious in that way. I am very grateful, but I do want something big for AIMAE. It’s going to be something for my family, for me. I am very excited, you can find everything we have at, we have amazing stuff. We have things for daily life and I think it’s a pretty cool line.

Is having your own clothing line something that’s always been a goal of yours?
“Yes! People used to call me and say “Let’s do this with this brand, let’s create this for this brand.” I always responded, “Ehh, I don’t think so,” because I wanted to do my own. At that moment, I didn’t know when but I knew I wanted to do it and I didn’t want to do something that can potentially stop me from doing my own line. I waited a little longer and it took me longer than I thought actually but it’s there and I feel happy and I feel that I accomplished something that I’ve been wanting to do since forever so I’m excited.”

Can you also tell us about your current project with Univision and what you’re doing over there?
“I’m living day by day. Right now, we just recorded a show that’s going to be for Christmas. I have Teleton also. I also have this project that was supposed to start by the end of this year and then they said, “Maybe because of everything that’s going on, we’re going to move it to January.” And now it’s for March. So let’s see what’s going to happen but I’m very happy and excited with everything I’ve been doing for the last several months and I’ve been keeping myself busy and doing a lot of things. I’ve been doing a lot of reading, I’ve been taking self-growth seminars. I’ve been doing a lot of things for myself, that I haven’t done since I started working at Univision or working in this industry, so I feel more empowered. I feel different!”

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